How do you get unlimited ammo in modernwarfare 2?

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you can't. simple.
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Can you get unlimited ammo in star wars battlefront?

yes what you do is pause the game then press: up, down, left, down, down, left,down, down, left, down, down, down, left, right. that should mean that every time you reload you get more amo than you had when you reloaded (it will make sense when you do it) if that didnt work then pause the game agai (MORE)

How do you get unlimited ammo for Resident Evil 1?

okay listen and listen good there are no cheats for any resident evil game from 1-5 and any other that are gonna come out. there are only a select few cheats only accessible through rather action replay or game shark but that's it

Is there unlimited ammo in gears of war 2?

Yes, On the campain where your on a boat and also, i dont know how, but i was playing Warzone and i got unlimited ammo for my pistol. Idk how it happened but there is inf ammo in Gears of War 2 apparantly. Btw sorry for my spelling.

Is there a cheat code for unlimited ammo in resistance 2?

yes there is a way you have to do this in the main screen hold X and [] and O while moving the right hand side joystick up down up left right left right down up and then press R2 then L1 then R1 then L2 ok have a great time with unlimited ammo

What is the cheat for unlimited ammo?

For the ps3 you get a weapon that can shoot more than one bullet without realoading like the ranger then u hold r1 and square with one hand and reapedeatly keep on pressing triangle with the other this works best with sniper or shotgun

How do you get unlimited ammo on re4?

You can only get it with some weapons, here they are: Chicago typewriter (Thompson M1A1/M1928): Beat Assignment Ada and check the main games Merchant Infinite rocket launcher: Beat game on normal and buy from Merchant P.R.L. 412: Complete game on professional mode.

How do you get unlimited ammo on commando 2?

during the game type in WEINER25 then get the gun out you want to have unlimited ammo then press on commando 13 times then type AMMO. if u did it right you should have unlimited ammo. YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Could you survive a zombie attack with unlimited ammo and 2 mini Uzis?

Many have survived a zombie attack with far less than that, so yes, you could. However, the inordinate reliance upon firearms is a concern to those of us of the older generation. With some of the younger zombie fighters, they seem to rely to heavily on the firearm, forgetting that in real life, t (MORE)

Can you make a character in modernwarfare 2?

No you cannot but i will give detail along with the following. You cannot make a character in ModernWarfare 2 However, You Can Get Camo As you are leveling up in ModernWarfare 2 Heres a list of camo's you can unlock: Sniper Snow Camo Level 22 Sniper Desert Suit Level 44 Ranger Uniform Level 6 (MORE)

Halo 2 unlimited ammo cheat?

Im unsure that theres an unlimited ammo cheat, but there is a glitch some groups have found for infinite ammunition.

How do you get unlimited ammo on mw2?

actually u can get unlimited ammo in mw2 alls u hav 2 do is set one man army on the gun u want 2 hav unlimited ammo.then when ur playin and u run out of ammo press y 2 go 2 one man army but don't change ur class just pick the same class that u ran out of ammo with [the one u hav now]when u do that u (MORE)

What games have killcams on modernwarfare 2?

Most of the games do which really pisses me off because there is no point to silencers if everyone knows where u were when u killed them anyways...all of the hardcoremodes do not they are made to be more realistic. also if u are playing serch and destroy u have a kill cam but u only have one life pe (MORE)

Modern warfare 2 unlimited ammo glitch?

There is no infinite ammo glitch! There was when the game first came out but it has been patched. Besides, why would you want to do that? IT takes all the fun out of the game.

What is the unlimited ammo cheat on Half-Life 2?

It's not really an infinite ammo cheat works! 1. open console, write sv_cheats 1 2.write bind "t" "impulse 101" (WARNING! write the quotes, too!) 3.every time you want, press t and your ammo will be full (not always, when your ammo is on low again, press t again and so further..) (MORE)

How do you get a unlimited ammo in MW2?

actually u can get unlimited ammo in mw2 alls u hav 2 do is set one man army on the gun u want 2 hav unlimited ammo.then when ur playin and u run out of ammo press y 2 go 2 one man army but don't change ur class just pick the same class that u ran out of ammo with [the one u hav now]when u do that u (MORE)

Does the unlimited ammo work on far cry 2 PS3?

it actually doesn't work, when you pause the game, and press thefirst x it brings you back to the game, and when you finish thesequence,you just end up using a grenade and feel like an idiotwhen you try and try multiple ways on how to do it, so you make alot of noise then have no bullets when the ba (MORE)

Why is modernwarfare 2 fake?

moder warfare 2 is a made up war obviously please check out The Call Of Duty WIKI and when you select modern warfare 2 looking up levels it says the date for example S.S.D.D it is Day 1, 2016

How do you get unlimited ammo in halo reach?

have to be in firefight 1.go to game options 2.spartan traits or elite if u are 1 3.base traits 4.weapons and damage 5.go down to unlimited ammo set to enabled or bottomless clip

What is the cheat for unlimited ammo on halo3?

Stand over one of those weapons on the floor so that it highlights on your screen (including alien weapons). Press X to reload. When the hand pulls out the magazine, hold X and your weapon will be thrown to the floor and make a reloading sound. Do not pick it up until this finishes. When it does, wa (MORE)

How do you get unlimited ammo on black ops zombies?

Please do not put descriptions in questions that have not been answered, that will automatically file the question under the 'answered' section, when in reality it has not been answered yet. The answer to your question, is that the only way you can get unlimited ammo is though hacking or modding. (MORE)

How can you get unlimited ammo in zombies black ops?

If you could actually get unlimited ammo or any other similar feature it would be described in the related link Portal:Call of Duty: Black Ops or the related link for Zombies Mode Or you could mod, modding is easy especially when it is already done. you could go onto and download t (MORE)

How do you get unlimited ammo in zombies black ops?

U go to the level 5, get on top of the tables (look it up on youtube and it will tell u how) then wait until u r on level 15, then open every door in the map, including the room under the elevator, and the nucleur room with the crawlers. It will be difficult, try to do it with more than 3 people. Th (MORE)

How the do you get unlimited ammo for re5?

Check this site => and search resident evil 5 i downloaded a program named Trainer for re5 and it should be open while you playing(it has direction for how to use it) then all ammo and health will be unlimited.

How do you get unlimited ammo on black ops?

There are no cheat codes and the Intel don't give you cheats like in modern warfare but you can buy mods on eBay that can give you unlimited ammo but mods can get you kicked off online xbox, ps3 enything you have also mods might screw up your consul though

What is better modernwarfare 2 or black ops?

Even with all the problems that MW2 had, I still think its better than Black Ops. Black Ops just got really boring very quickly, while at least MW2 was able to hold my interest for a long time. In Black Ops, I maybe have a day or two of play time, and I'm around a first prestige, level 27. However, (MORE)

How do you get unlimited ammo in killzone 3?

get an exact 480 points in multiplayer 1 v.s 3 unlimited ammo will pop up next round as 9999999/99999998 this only works once souse it when u need it peace out homies and yes i am a slight hacker but this hack is unpatchable and only works for ps3 and 360

How can you get unlimited ammo in modern warfare 2?

Unless I am mistaken, you can't get unlimited ammo on MultiPlayer. But, in the first set of perks there is a perk called Scavenger that gives you ammo and more equipment each time you walk over an enemies dead body. So it is basically like have unlimited ammo.

How do you get the unlimited ammo glitch on modern warfare 2?

dude im matmoo121001 add me and i will show yu loads of cool stuff and get the most pwer fulllest gun on it mw3 black op moder warfare got em all so if yu want i cuold help yu out and by the way there is no glitch to do yu could just yuse scavenger all of the map packs+mw2 stands for moder warefare (MORE)

How can you get unlimited ammo in zombocalypse?

go to menu then click on one of the faces of the zombies andtype(no more reloads) make sure you use spaces or it wont work anddon't hit enter after doing so. This doesn't work so don't try!