How do you get votes for student council?

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pass out candy

What does a student council treasurer do?

A student council treasurer is responsible for keeping track of themoney for student council. Sometimes there are fundraisers forvarious events and the treasurer is responsible for this.

Why are student councils important?

Student councils help to make important decisions in the school. They may not be as powerful as the school staff, but they can do a lot to make a difference.

Student council slogan is?

Student council slogans are something that you use to get people to remember your name while voting.... for example..... vote name for treasurer shes a real jem. and put jewels all over ur posters, or dont be hesitent vote name for president or vice president

Student council slogans?

well...... you could take the allstate picture (of the hands). and where it says allstate put your name and below it if it's not there put :Your'e in good hands

How do you write a student council speech?

Begin with an introduction like good morning, good afternoon, or hello fellow students. Next, tell the viewers what your name is, what grade you're in, and what you're running for. Then tell the reasons why you should be elected. It would also help if you're funny and maybe even tell some clever jok (MORE)

Student council secretary slogan?

"[name] is Wright for the job! Vote [name] for secretary!" "The best note-taker in town!" "I got good handwriting...Vote for me!"

Student Council?

Student council is where students get to say a word about what happens to the school. They take care of fundraisers and think of spirit days.

Student council historian?

The duty of a student council historian is to keep valuablememories of organization. They will document any contests,championships, celebrations, honours and so much more.

How can you win student council?

the most important thing to do is to appeal to all of your voters. Tell them why it is in their own interest to vote for you. Show people which of your credentials are relevant to what they want to see happen. However sometimes the elections is strictly popularity.

Why is Student council important?

Student council is important because it gets students to participate with the affairs of the school. It helps students share there concerns with teachears or school principals.

What are some slogans for student council?

Well there are many slogan ideas such as: Live and learn, learn and enjoy, lead and learn. Things like that would make a great slogan. one good one would be: like sports? reading? singing? vote for .... I will get You remembered Forever!

Student council election speech?

The student council election speech should be all inclusive. It isimportant for the winner to thank all his supporters and reach outto the rivals.

What job does student council president do?

It really depends on what school. Mine was that I had to be in-charge of the entire student council, I had to report back to my advisor and principal, I helped coordinate all the events that we did, (prom, talent show, etc.) go to assembly meetings, etc. All-in-all, the job as student council presid (MORE)

Good student council slogans?

Well there are many slogan ideas such as:. Live and learn, learn and enjoy, lead and learn. Things like that would make a great slogan.

Student council ideas for school?

Go to your school's art room and ask the teacher if the art club or a other class could make some QUALITY pieces of art to give to loyal nursing homes if she/he says yes then set up a time with the local nursing home/s to present your pieces. It will bring smiles to all of their faces!!!!. Try gett (MORE)

Example of student council speech?

Good morning staff and students my name is ______________ i am running for ____________ i have a effort on playing instruments i love having gun with my friends even if your not my friend i will have fun with all of you guys... do you guys like having fun.......? Cant hear anything!!!! OK the go for (MORE)

How do you be funny in a student council speech?

OK So what you have to do is think about yourself. Think about your flaws. Make fun of them. It will show that you are honest that you aren't perfec,t but you don't beat yourself up on it. It is an easy way to be funny without going cheesy. Good Luck!! :)

How do you write a student council essay?

well u should write about what your going to do, how your going to help your school. in other words tell people why you deserve to represent them why you how come your better than the other candidates and never lie always share what your abilities are how are u going to make the school better than i (MORE)

What does a student council do?

A student council takes on the responsibility of representing the whole student body. The student council voices the needs, wants and concerns of the student body to the administration (i.e. principals and teachers). They are also responsible for encouraging school spirit through initiating school s (MORE)

How do you win a student council election?

You have to convince the audience that you will do a good job as President of the Student Council. I, myself, ran for the student council once (vice president). All I needed to do was write a good essay. You should try too. Best of luck!! well you should make posters, and really good slogans you sho (MORE)

How do you get on student council?

You get on student council by being a good person and when you promise your school something you actually give it to them and not tease them wth bribes just to vote for you. Student council is just like being elected president. You have to work hard to eaarn it.

What are Student Council Jokes?

You could say: I've wanted to be in student council ever since I heard about it last week in a speech, or for a good campaign slogan you could say: Victoria's real secret? She voted for such and such. hope this helps!

What are slogans for student council president?

okay. well if you're running for student council vice president try this... Don't be a hesitant! Vote name for Vice President! i just thought it up today so... yea. Keep it simple, say something like vote name for category if u want the job done right

How do you write a speech for a student council?

Good afternoon,____________________. My name is __________ and I am running for __________. Dedicated. Responsible. And Enthusiastic. These are three words that describe me, and three reasons why you should vote for me. But I can listen to what you, the students have to say, and pass it on to th (MORE)

How do you write student council speech?

First, make sure you introduce yourself. Then talk about you ideas and plans. Make sure to say ideas that you know your peers agree with. Leave it with a conclusion, restate your name, and how you will help your school be successfull. Also, it might be helpful to say something like this, possibly in (MORE)

What do I do if I'm running for student council?

Make posters saying to vote for you in whichever job you want, tell your friends and class mates that you're running, and prepare a speech to recite before everyone votes. If most people don't know who you are you could always try passing out mini candy bars saying to vote for you (If you're school (MORE)

How do you be a good student council in the school?

To be a good student council within your school, you must spread spirit throughout the school, be positive role models for students, and work on improving things in your school. Usually student councils will host food drives, dances, and other positive projects throughout the community. It also help (MORE)

How do you end a student council speech?

You may want to restate your name, and what you are planning to achieve in general. Also, you might want to let your audience know that you are always open to new ideas from them. :)

Catchy slogans for student council?

(your name), Making the world a better place since (year of birth) vote for (your name) I'm not asking for your votes, just check the box next to my name! that's all i got

Why are Student Council important?

It teaches kids about politics and encourages leadership in the community Also a child may be more comfortable with talking to student about a problem in there school

What does a treasurer of student council do?

Generally, a Treasurer of Student Council has the followingresponsibilities: . In charge of Student Council funds and bank account . Presents proposed budget of activities to the student council . Reports at each meeting on money matters . Coordinates fundraising projects of the student counci (MORE)

What do student council mean?

At a school, the student council (a part of the student government)is a group of students who are elected to represent all of thestudents in a school or university. They deal with issues thataffect the students, and they sometimes negotiate with theadministration (the principal and vice principal of (MORE)