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How do you get windows movie maker on your Windows 8 tablet?

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You can't download Windows Movie Maker on a Windows 8 tablet right now because Microsoft doesn't have an app yet for it. But the Microsoft company may have an app soon for it so this answer may be updated when they do have it.
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Where is the Windows Movie Maker?

Sometimes computer users are unable to find the Windows Movie Maker program on their systems. (NOTE: If you have the new Windows 7 operating system, you DON'T have Windows Mo

How can you get movie maker on windows 7?

Windows 7 offers Windows Live Essentials products. However, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Mail programs are not included with the Windows 7 operating

Why does Windows 7 not have Movie Maker?

Microsoft designed Windows 7 for easier use. In doing so, they either eliminated or 'striped-down' applications included in earlier versions of their operating systems. Wind

What does Windows Movie Maker do?

Windows Movie Maker is a basic video editing software application that comes with Windows. It is used for producing/editing videos, photographs, music... etc. A great free pro

How do you update Windows Movie Maker?

Check to make sure you have Automatic Updates enabled. This will ensure your Windows programs are up-to-date with fixes, patches, etc. To find out if the Automatic Updates is

What is Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a video creating/editing program that is a component of Microsoft Windows.

Elements of Windows Movie Maker?

Elements of Windows Movie Maker include: Music/Audio, Photographs/Pictures, Video/Footage, Text/Tiles.

What is the importance of Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a free and popular video editing software included with Windows OS that many people use to edit videos before they post them online or burn them to a DV

How do you get sound on windows movie maker?

Click on Import Media. Locate the audio/music file you wish to use. Import it. When it appears in the Imported Media viewing pane, drag it down into Music/Audio track in the T

How do you download the Windows Movie Maker?

Wonderful Wanda says:    If you have Windows Xp or Windows Vista operating system, you have Windows Movie Maker already installed. There are two ways to open your Movie

Features of windows movie maker?

It is a program that goofs up a lot, but it does work... It can add effects to things (a limited amount and not very pro looking) you can add music to your videos and bring it