How do you get windows movie maker on your Windows 8 tablet?

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You can't download Windows Movie Maker on a Windows 8 tablet right now because Microsoft doesn't have an app yet for it. But the Microsoft company may have an app soon for it so this answer may be updated when they do have it.
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What are the tools in Windows Movie Maker?

Tools in Windows Movie Maker include: Auto-Movie, Titles and Credits, Effects, Transitions, Take Picture from Preview, Create Clips, Narrate Time-line, Audio Levels, (Tasks)

Why does Windows 7 not have Movie Maker?

Microsoft designed Windows 7 for easier use. In doing so, they either eliminated or 'striped-down' applications included in earlier versions of their operating systems. Win

How do you get music on your Windows Movie Maker?

First you need to make sure your audio/music file is compatible with Windows Movie Maker: .aif, .aifc, .aiff, .asf, .au, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .snd, .wav, .wma Right-click t

Can you download windows movie maker?

Yes. You can download three different versions of the program: Windows Movie Maker 2.1 Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Windows Live Movie Maker All are free. Simpl

Features of windows movie maker?

It is a program that goofs up a lot, but it does work... It can add effects to things (a limited amount and not very pro looking) you can add music to your videos and bring it

What is the windows movie maker called?

You just said it in the question. It's Windows Movie Maker. We really need to get the person who asked this question some help... I agree, but if you mean the file name

What is the use of windows movie maker?

well u can use windows movie maker to make lyrics to music u can also make videos, u can use unregistered hypercam2 or just hypercam2 to make videos and then go to avi and the