How do you get your aechmea bromeliad to bloom you have 3 different plants that have never bloomed over a period of a couple yearshow can you make it bloom?

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Young bromeliads will not bloom. It takes thee or four years at least for the plant to be mature enough to bloom. If your bromeliad was blooming when you got it, it will not bloom will produce an offset that you can pot on it's own when it's about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the mother plant.
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How do you Anthirium orchid plant to bloom?

If you mean Anthurium then they are not Orchids but perennial evergreen mostly epiphytics found in tropical and subtropical North and South America. The term epiphyte tells you the conditions they like. Given the right conditions they will bloom.

Do Bromeliads ever re-bloom?

According to the University of Florida:\n. \nMany factors cause bromeliads to bloom such as plant age, day length, light intensity, water and temperature. Some bromeliads bloom quite regularly while others do not. Research on the flowering process has shown that bromeliads can be induced to flower (MORE)

What is a massed planting of blooms?

If you mean literally, then it usually means a planting over an area of one particular type of flower ( more often than not, annuals) Species suitable for this would be pansies, petunias, dianthus, roses, bulbs, marigolds, poppies, cinerarias, impatiens, phlox, salvias, snapdragon, stocks.

Can you plant daffodils that bloomed in a pot?

Yes, you can plant them, but it depends if they received adequate nutrition after they flowered last season whether they will flower well again. This is particularly so for the fancy varieties, which tend to deteriorate over time.

Can you plant tulips in march and will they bloom annually?

No. Keep your tulip bulbs in a cool, dry place until October or November, depending on where you live, and then plant them about six inches deep in the ground. In areas similar to where tulips evolved, they will recur annually, but in dissimilar environments, they may only bloom once or twice.

How do you make a cherrim bloom?

a cherubi evolves into a cherrim at level 25, with a lot of love too (u can check this with the pok'etch app 'love rater' That's not what they were asking :I Cherrims blossom depending on the weather. (ex: When the sunlight is strong, a cherrim will change form to a pretty pink and yellow flower (MORE)

Why won't my Otaheite orange plant bloom?

You need to make sure that you allow your Otaheite orange plantbloom a period of dormancy. In addition, it is important not toover water the orange plants, since they only need to be wateredonce a week,

What makes a smoke bush bloom?

A Smokebush, like any other flowering tree, (or hardwood perennial) flowers to attract insects & bees to pollinate it, thus producing a seed to carry on its legacy. The "Smoke" of the Smoketree is its tiny flowers.. The Cotinus (smokebush) is genetically programmed bloom in order to propagate itsel (MORE)

When does a night blooming cirrus bloom?

"Ahhhh! Such a sublimed enchanting flower…!" Scientific name: Epiphyllum oxypetalum Common Names: *Night-blooming Cereus Queen of the Night Deer-Horn Cactus Dutchman's pipe cactus I've a NBC from a cutting about 10+ years now. It seems to bloom about every year or so. The plan (MORE)

How does molasses make plant blooms bigger?

Molasses! The "Super Plant Carb!" we go................................................ Much the same way a sneaky Sylvester cat is exposed by a little yellow bird saying - "I thought I saw a puddy tat . . . I did I did see a puddy tat . . . and he's standing right there!" - our Tweeti (MORE)

What is bloom?

bloom is used to many things but the most commonly known meaning of bloom is "the flower of a plant"

How do you make flowers bloom?

This is a process that happens naturally. Flowers will usually bloom in the morning time (if they close up in the evening). They also usually bloom in the spring and summer time. It isn't something that you can really just make happen. If you have a flower that needs to bloom that is inside, you can (MORE)

Why doesn't my spathiphyllum plant bloom?

First it wants only indirect sunlight, but as with any blooming plant that will be six hours a day. Then fertilize with a blooming soluble fertilizer every three weeks. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves.

What stimuli will cause a mum plant to bloom?

Most chrysanthemums are obligate photoperiodic plants. That means that they are stimulated to bloom only by the length of daily darkness , which is known as the photoperiod . Most chrysanthemums are what is called 'short day' plants, although it might be more accurate to call them 'long night' pla (MORE)

Make a sentence with bloom?

"It is May and the hyacinths are in full bloom." "The flush of youth was on her face as a rose in bloom." "The bloom of the smell of the wine was a pleasant bouquet in his nostrils." "Watching the world spring into bloom in the spring is an awesome sight."

How can you make hydrangeas bloom?

\nSOLUTIONS \n. \nFor growing Hydrangea macrophylla and Hydrangea macrophylla var. serrata types in zones 4 and 5.\n. \nI got this from the web and it really works!!!\n. \nThe following solutions have been tested successfully in Michigan and Maine’s northern interior since 1993.\n. \nDon't (MORE)

What is stimulus for a mum plant to bloom?

Mums fall under a group of plants known as photoperiodic plants.These are plants whose development and growth depend on the lengthof day and night. With this in mind, it is worth pointing out thatthey will naturally blossom better during period when nights arelonger. The only stimulus needed is long (MORE)

How do you make hydrangea bloom?

\nSOLUTIONS \n. \nFor growing Hydrangea macrophylla and Hydrangea macrophylla var. serrata types in zones 4 and 5.\n. \nThe following solutions have been tested successfully in Michigan and Maine’s northern interior since 1993.\n. \nDon't prune unless necessary. Pruning often removes the flo (MORE)

Can you get seeds from plant after flower blooms?

yes you can. if you plant a plant after awhile it will produceother plants from pollination. if they are seasonal plants then itwill NOT work. other house plants don't do this either. so doplants from Wal-Mart.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Which plant dies as soon as flower blooms?

The Century Plant dies as soon as the flower blooms. However, theseplants do live long, they take a long time to flower. They can takeas long as 20-30 years to flower.

What is the lyrics to he will make the flowers bloom?

Song was written by an Evangelist's wife. I was a small lad when she sang it and i can't remember how to spell their last name, but it sounded like Asoph -ah sup,i'm sure that spelling is probably incorrect. It is possible that his first name was Glen. Lyrics: He will make the flowers bloom At the (MORE)

Bloom where you're planted?

Plants in a garden can do nothing except to grow or to die. If the plant grows, and thrives, it will eventually bloom. But the plant doesn't have the luxury of getting up and moving over to a better spot of sunshine, or richer soil, or steadier water. People, on the other hand, CAN move elsewhere (MORE)

What is the difference between night and day blooming plants?

Day flowering plants are normally pollinated by insects or animals that are active during the day e.g. bees, butterflies and birds. . Night flowering plants are pollinated by insects or animals that are active at night such as bats and moths. Night flowering plants are normally very heavily scented (MORE)

What is the difference between bloom and blossom?

I'm pretty sure they're the same thing, or atleast a synonym for bloom is blossom, and a synonym for blossom is bloom. If you want me to be specific, bloom has two O's while blossom has 2 S's Update 29/12/2010: Blossom - is generally the term used for the flowers of fruit bearing trees su (MORE)

What makes a blossom bloom?

blossoms are flowers of fruit trees that open and flourish while bloom is a flower in perfection and full beauty.

What plants bloom in the summer?

Gladiolus • The gladiolus is a showy flower that comes in a variety of colors, such as yellow, pink and orange. The flowers grow vertically along a stalk and are large and frilly. Gladiolus begin blooming in the spring and last all the way through the summer. Gladiolus make great flower arrange (MORE)

Which plants bloom in Chicago in June?

Lilies (grow from bulbs), coreopsis, Stella d'oro lilies, sweet William, early roses, some hydrangea will also bloom in June. All these should be hardy in zone5 (Chicago)

How often does the snake plant bloom?

I had a snake plant for 45 years, and it bloomed twice, with only 1 flower stalk each time. I moved to a different house and the first two years it bloomed. The first time it had 7 stalks and the second year it had 5. I put it outside in the summer (but I always did), but this time it faced south, a (MORE)

What plants are found in where the lilies bloom?

I DUNNO YOU TELL ME! I need to know this for school stuff muhahahaha and you do too probably so I am just messing this answer up so yeah...why am I doing this? o well heres a couple I know goldenseal ginseng richweed pollen lilac frasur firs lilies... umm yeah...

Why desert plants blooms night time?

Because in the night time ,temperature become low and a lot of pollinating insects came such these desrt planta like queen of night blooms in night for pollination and further reproduction..

How do you get the hydrangea plant to bloom?

It likes mostly sun, water it frequently, and it need pollen. So, it it lives inside, you will need to dab a q-tip on a flower and then it. You can't force it to bloom, but it will on its own.

Can you plant an already bloomed tulip in the ground?

Yes you can, but it will probably take another year to bloom again. The best thing to do is to wait until the stalks start turning brown (the bulbs keep feeding off the stalks) then dig up the bulb(s) and dry them over the summer. Replant in the fall and they should bloom the following spring.

Why does your Christmas cactus never bloom?

Christmas cactuses do bloom every year usually about Christmas. I had one for years and it always bloomed. It does need a sunny window. At Christmas, there is more darkness than daylight. Hence a Christmas cactus needs a sunny window to get enough light. In summer months it does not need a sunny wi (MORE)

What plants bloom in early spring?

Among the early spring bloomers are winter-blooming jasmine, a small shrub; witch-hazels ( Hamamelis x intermedia ), cornelian cherry dogwood ( Cornus mas ) and star magnolia ( Magnolia stellata ), all small deciduous trees; the broad-leafed evergreen Camellia japonica , and Forsythia spp , an int (MORE)

When do rose plants bloom?

Because rose is a flower which has to bloom as then the bees and wasps can make pollination which without flowers no honey so if you love honey better get planting you flowers you can even have your own bees if you wanted to so now you know why roses (flowers) bloom .

What flower has the shortest blooming period?

There is probably some exotic flower which only blooms for one day,period, but I don't know what it is. However, I do know that eachdaylily blossom lasts only for one day, then it wilts. Daylilieshave many blossoms and the blooming will continue for quite sometime, often a month or more. Also, there (MORE)

How do plants know when to bloom?

Many plants flower when the number of daylight hours reach acertain level. Other factors like hormone levels or temperaturechanges induce plants to flower.