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Use a tape measure.

1: Measure around your ribcage, just under your breasts. This is your band size. If the measurement is odd, add or subtract an inch depending on how "squishy" you are (if you're bony or muscular, add an inch; if you're more fleshy, subtract an inch). This is your band size.

NEVER ADD INCHES TO YOUR BAND MEASUREMENT. This was done before bras had elastic and could stretch.

2: Next, measure around the fullest part of your bust.

3: Subtract the band size from the bust measurement. This difference determines cup size. (These are all US cup sizes.)

8"=H and so on

The only time you use half an inch is for AA cups, everything else is rounded to the next inch.
Measure the ribcage after exhaling, best measurements are after one breathes out.
Due to differences in manufacturers... one can be a 32C in one bra, and a 34B in another. Bra sizing is not standardized and your measurements are only supposed to be a starting point when trying on bras.
The smallest available band measurement is a 28, so, if you have a band measurement less than 28, you should try contacting bra companies so they will see there is a market in bands less than 28.
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