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How do you get your disabled Facebook account back?

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You have to appeal to Facebook. The reactivation link is in the discussion area. I believe it lets you fill out a form to get your account back.
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How do you reactivate a disabled Facebook account?

To be frank it is not safe to hire anyone online because youcan never tell if they are trustworthy or not, the bulk goes towhether they have been tested and confirmed to be sa

How do Facebook account get disabled?

If Facebook has deleted your account, they are SO HUGE, they'll probably NOT give you the courtesty of even telling you why. As any other company with almost no rivals, they a

What does it mean when your Facebook account is disabled?

It means that no one can access your profile page, view pictures of you, or tag you. Depending on whether the account was disabled or deleted, your private information can be

Why was your facebook account disabled?

There are many reasons why your Facebook Account was disabled. The main reason would be because you broke one of Facebook's rules. Another reason would be if you are not 13

How do you get back your disabled Facebook account?

Disabled Facebook account You need to do either of the following: a) write FB complain email; b) submit appeals form; c) try calling their customer support and explain y

What if your personal Facebook account is disabled?

There are different reasons why you may not be able to access your account and unique ways to contact Facebook for each case. Therefore, it is important to be sure that you ar
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How do i get back into a disabled facebook account?

Contact the Facebook website's help department. THEY are the only  ones who can 'unfreeze' a disabled account. You will have to  provide security information for them ti unb