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How do you get your penis in small vagina?

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When a girl (or woman) is sufficiently excited, the vagina becomes wet and slippery. Almost any penis, regardless of how large, can be pushed inside as long as the head of the penis and the vaginal opening and lips are slippery. Use precum or saliva or a water-based lubricant, if things are too dry. Remember, the vagina can and does stretch to a size much larger than any man's penis to allow a baby to be born. i doubt your penis is a bigger circumference than a babys head so trust me it will go in. just take it slow with plenty of lube. K-Y Jelly will help greatly, too. Just warm it up a bit before applying :-) ! The above answers are all correct however, FIRSTLY ensure that your partner is stimulated sufficiently which might provide additional lubrication as well as relaxing them for the penetration. ----
You should also rub your penis "up and down" across the clitoris and vaginal opening. It can give her thrills and lube you up even more, and stimulate that all important clitorus. When pushing the penis inside her, the up and down (vertical) rubbing motion can also help you "wiggle" it in, which will probably tickle for her a little. Try to go in slow, with short retreats, that way she stretches. This advice works especially good when you're wearing a condom. ---- The answer below does not take in consideration of practicing safe sex and preventing pregnancy by using a condom
If a woman is sufficiently excited and wet, you can hold your penis by the shaft and kind of wipe the head of it up and down her vagina slit. It helps if you are leaking a little precum, which is very slippery. You can also try dipping just the tip inside and getting it wet from the slippery stuff in her vaginal canal. Then pull back and kind of smear it all around the vagina, keep repeating this and things will get slippery fast. Then, when you start trying to push the head in, stop when you feel anything "catching" or sticking, then pull out a little, and then push in again ... keep pushing in as far as you can go comfortably, and then pull back a little ... this spreads the slippery stuff and you will find that your penis gets in deeper each time. Pretty soon it will kind just "pop" inside her and you will only need a few more in/out cycles to comfortably push it all the way. If she is a virgin or very small or young, this will take a little more time before her vagina will be able to comfortably conform to your penis. If you are long, you will probably hurt her if you try to shove it all the way in and bottom out in her right away. Work up to it slowly to test how much of it she can take without discomfort.
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How do you get a penis in a small vagina?

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