A lot of listeners describe your music as "catchy." Why do you think your lyrics resonate with them even after the song is over?

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Can the large vagina reduce when the penis is small?

Yes. The vagina automatically attempts to grip anything placed inside, while sexually aroused. Frequent and "enjoyable" sex with a penis that is smaller than the woman is ac

How do you get a penis in a small vagina?

My penis is quite thick and round, and my gf vagina is fairly small and tight. After she lubes it with her mouth her mouth, and she gets her natural lubricant going; we start

How do you insert a large penis into a small vagina?

Lubrication. The vagina stretches quite a bit - that's where babies come out of, after all - so mostly what you need is for her to be sexually aroused enough to produce enough

Will small vagina hurt with big penis?

In the beginning, yes. Vagina's are capable of expanding to accommodate large penis'. This usually requires making the woman aroused, and inserting the penis slowly and gradua

How do you insert a small penis into a big vagina?

The method of insertion is not in any way affected by size. However the particular chosen sexual position of the parties involved could have some effect on the enjoyment of th

Does a large penis stretch a small vagina?

Yes, a large penis stretches a woman's vagina. However, if she will do Kegil excersises every day, and several times each of those days without skipping, then she can regain

How do you put a penis in a small vagina hole?

  well at first it mite not put so first u put your fingers in it and try to make to kindof bigger by moving ur fingers around and then u just stick it in if it doesnt go

Can a vagina be too small for a penis?

Sometimes it can seem like the vaginal canal is too small for a penis, especially if the male is well-endowed or the woman has not had much sex. But if there is enough forepla

How do you insert a large penis to small vagina?

lots of lube & shove it in fast. Not exactly. She has to be aroused and wet, lube can not replace the natural wetness because without it it will hurt. The vagina also stretc