How do you glue a plastic football figure?

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Use super glue for this.
You have to use glue of course and you need someone to hold it together while you glue it
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How do you glue plastic?

you don't ANS 2 - There are hundreds of kinds of "PLASTIC" -please be more specific.

What glue would you use to glue plastic to plastic?

Amazing Goop! Automotive contact adheisive I used this glue to rebuild the headlight casing on my car, All Plastic. This glue is clear, and will bond anything, water t

How do you glue plastic to plastic?

Depends on the type of plastic. Many plastics have glue made from their solutions. Some can be partially dissolved and joined together by the right chemical, some needs to be

What glue works best for plastic to plastic?

i found a solvent kind of glue called dichloroethene works well ANS 2 - 'Plastic' is such a nebulous term. There are so many different plastics these days that a question

Can you super glue plastic to fabric?

On the most bottles of Super Glue it says under the Directions label "Do not use on Fabric" so I would think that wouldn't work too well.

Can you break the bond of plastic glue?

Yes, you can break the bond from almost any glue. ANS 2 - NOT TRUE ! - If glue appropriate to the plastic is used properly it will almost never break on the glue joint, bu
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How do you get rid of glue on plastic?

try to chip it off with the edge of a screw driver! ANS 2 - There are SO MANY types of 'plastic' that a sensible answer is almost impossible. ( -But it certainly would not i
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What plastics does epoxy glue?

Epoxy will glue almost all plastics with the exception of the 'slippery' ones like polypropylelen, polyethylene, PEX, CPVC, and similar.
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What is the glue for gluing plastic To Wood?

Many of the modern glues will glue plastics to wood. ( Don't try with school glue or white glue, they will appear to stick, but will come off the plastic quite easily when fu