How do you go to Mars on Google Earth?

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Under the View menu click Explore then select from among Earth, Sky, Moon, and Mars.

You can select the planet icon from the toolbar to do the same.
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Will people from earth go to Mars?

If that ever were to happen it would be a while from now. Mars has had proof of current marking on it's surface which means there was water. Because there was at some point wa

How do you go to space in Google Earth?

Just click on the little Saturn button at the top tool bar to go to Mars, the Moon, or Sky. Likewise, from View menu you can select Explore and make same selections.

How do you go underwater in Google Earth?

Yes, there is an "ocean" option at the bottom right corner of the screen. Enable this option, then you can go underwater. You have to use the navigation button to make the ang

Can you go to the Moon on Google Earth?

Yes, you can now! In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, Google has added the Moon to Google Earth!

Can you go to the Moon in Google Earth?

I tried doing that and the Earth just disappeared. So, I'm guessing not.. ---------------- . I tried it and yes you can. This was on version 5.0.11733.9347. View--> Explore

How can you go fast on Google Earth?

You can change the fly-to speed in google earth to move more slowly or go warp speed when flying to a location. The speed can be adjusted under Tools/Options/Navigation. In

Do you have to download Google Earth to go on it?

To use the desktop or web browser plugin of Google Earth you must download and install some software to your computer. To simply see satellite and aerial imagery including

When is Mars going to hit earth?

Oh yeah! We've got plenty of years. I've got a book about the solar system and Mars will hit earth one day but it might not. Like the world will end at the end or 2012 and it

How do you go on Google Earth with Google installer?

You need to run the installer. Once it's installed, go on Google maps and hover over the maps icon in the top right corner. Three options will expand, click on Google Earth. Y

How do you go to Mars on Google Maps?

Google Earth has a Mars planet mode, but Google Maps does nothave such a feature. You need to download Google Earth to explorer Mars in 3-D withhigh-resolution imagery.