How do you handle complex legal matters with a narcissist?

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Your best strategy is to show him that HE has no merit in your life. Stay calm and appear unaffected. Let your attorney handle the legal responses and just stick to the facts. N's are so arrogant, they think a judge will recognize their superior intellect and side with them. Don't even refer to him by name, he's just a respondent or petitioner. It will make him furious to be considered so "ordinary" and will enforce to the judge that you need relief from this man. Take friends with you to court, not to testify but for emotional support. If he can't get a reaction out of you, you are of no use to him and he'll leave you alone. DON'T FALL APART! You can do this!
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How do you handle a narcissist who wants revenge?

Unfortunately, I have had to deal with two narcissists in the past four years. I have found that they become completely powerless if you do everything that has been mentioned

How do you handle the narcissist who tries to ruin your reputation after you leave him?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nyou take it and ignore it you laugh it off and agree sarcasticly.. tell him lines such as "what ever" and "suuuuuuure" if you show it dosent bother

How do you handle a narcissist?

You cant just leave. U can't deal with a person who has no feelings for others, no concience no remorse no empathy. Its like asking how do u have a conversation with an angry

How do you handle a narcissist in your work environment?

\n Answer \n. \nIf you have to work closely with them then try to deal with their attitude if possible. If it's affecting your work then it's time to see your Supervis

How do you handle a narcissistic friend?

Answer . Good question! Probably the most important thing to realize is that narcissists are so self centred that they are incapable of true, deep, feelings for others. The

How do normal parents handle their narcissistic adult child?

By setting bounderies, and not letting ANYONE, no matter who it is, manipulate, lie, and bully you. You almost always need to "detatch" and "accept" the fact that NPD's are wi

How do narcissistic people handle successful women?

It is doubtful a narcissist will even notice a successful woman as they are to engrossed with themselves. If the do notice they will continually point out the woman's flaws.

How do you handle unwanted gifts from a narcissistic sister?

Eventually i convinced my sister that since we are all adults now there is no need for the xmas gift giving thing. i don't 'do' xmas anyway, so that also helps. She used to gi

How do you handle raising kids with a narcissistic ex husband?

I think that you should either sit down with him and have very serious, but calm, talk about it. And if you think it is necessary then go ahead and set up some type of family

How do narcissists handle being confronted about their narcissism?

They won't except it or even listen to you in the first matter, everything is all about them. Even if what you say is very true, a narcissist will take it personal and claim t

Can a narcissist handle rejection?

No because rejection means you know who and what they really are and know all their true self. They think they are god and that one cannot live without them. They believe that

How do you handle a narcissist who wants reven?

Expose them for the loosers they are, then laugh at them. If they get violent, punch their lights out using the anger they have created in you through all the lies, cheating,

How do you handle a narcissistic thief?

You report the theft to the police and press charges. You report the theft to the police and press charges. You report the theft to the police and press charges. You report