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How do you handle complex legal matters with a narcissist?

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Your best strategy is to show him that HE has no merit in your life. Stay calm and appear unaffected. Let your attorney handle the legal responses and just stick to the facts. N's are so arrogant, they think a judge will recognize their superior intellect and side with them. Don't even refer to him by name, he's just a respondent or petitioner. It will make him furious to be considered so "ordinary" and will enforce to the judge that you need relief from this man. Take friends with you to court, not to testify but for emotional support. If he can't get a reaction out of you, you are of no use to him and he'll leave you alone. DON'T FALL APART! You can do this!
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Can a narcissist handle rejection?

No because rejection means you know who and what they really are and know all their true self. They think they are god and that one cannot live without them. They believe that

How do you handle a narcissist who wants revenge?

Unfortunately, I have had to deal with two narcissists in the past four years. I have found that they become completely powerless if you do everything that has been mentioned

Does narcissist breed narcissists?

Yes it does especially if the narcissist favor's the child. The  child will grow up to be just like the narcissist.

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It's certainly possible. A narcissist may date another narcissist that is more selfish than they are to feel better about themselves. In turn say "i'm not as selfish as he/she

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I was married with a narcissist before, that's one of his problems. With me, trying to interview him indirectly, he mentioned when he was in his right calm mind, that he knows

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Expose them for the loosers they are, then laugh at them. If they get violent, punch their lights out using the anger they have created in you through all the lies, cheating,

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When you are asked how you will handle confidential company  matters, you need to show that you can maintain confidentiality.  You should separate personal matters from comp