How do you handle your teenager getting a girl pregnant?

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Support them both in any way you can. Try to remember that you're not the only one upset by this. Chances are, he is too, and he needs you to be there for him to help him through. Think about it: you've been the parent already, and he hasn't. He's not even going to know where to start. Help him and the girl in any way possible.
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If a teenager gets pregnant does that mean she will be able to marry her boyfriend?

But I will say this, I certainly hope you're not considering getting pregnant with the hope that you will then be able to get married. Marriage and having children is not 'kiddie play'. It's very serious business. It requires maturity, responsibility, and commitment (a *life time* of it). Anyone who (MORE)

What does a girl feel like when she gets pregnant?

Answer . \nI have been pregnant twice and the first time I knew about a week before I was due to get my period. I had this weird feeling like I was not alone anymore. (Not in some alien resurrection kind of way either). I knew I wasn't alone in a kind of soleful way. I didn't have any morning (MORE)

What are the chances of a teenager getting pregnant from unprotected sex?

Answer . Depends enitrely on the timing of having sex and when you are ovulating. Pharmacies sell pregnancy test kits that can tell from your urine in a couple of minutes whether or not you are pregnant. However, teens such as yourselves are quite fertile. Consider how ready you are to be parents (MORE)

How do you handle a teenager?

you obviously need to stop asking them a lot of questions, you need to trust them more, and if they don't listen to you, then let them learn from their mistakes. If their ready, they'll talk to you and open up. Give them some space, but let them know (only once or twice so they won't get irritated) (MORE)

Why do teenage girls get pregnant?

Well, most of the time, they don't do it on purpose. Either they don't know the facts about sex and birth control, and they mistakenly believe they can't get pregnant when they can (like, they think you can't get pregnant the first 10 days after your period, for example, or they think you can't get (MORE)

Does a girl get her next period if she gets pregnant?

Many women get bleedings during their pregnancy that is similar to menstruation so you can't rely on that to tell you if you are pregnant or not. Take a test. . Answer . Most do not, however some do. . Answer . No. Your body keeps that build up of blood in your uterus to support the embr (MORE)

What should I do about my husband getting a girl pregnant?

What you should do is confront the girl he got pregnant. Ask her what happened. Find out how long they have been seeing each other then your husband can't lie to you when you go talk to him. You know the truth. ANSWER You have some tough times coming your way. A cheating husband with a child by ano (MORE)

Is Zac Efron getting girls pregnant?

I would not say Zac is getting girls pregnant but he did say he wanted a baby with Ashley Tisdeal but the HSM came and Vanessa Hudgens came and he is now dating Vanessa and is wanting to get Vanessa pregnant.

How do you handle naughty teenage girl?

Teenagers mostly behave the way their parents taught them. However, teenage girls can be very emotional because that is their time to change to a woman. There is no special way to handle a teenage girl.

You are a single teenage pregnant girl what should you do?

If you think about it theres many things you can do. Many people are against abortion but you could have one. Or if you are a teenage mum and want a baby but didn't want one at the age you are because you wanted to carry on with your education, you could have the baby and ask your mum and dad to loo (MORE)

What are boys responsibility for getting a girl pregnant?

50% of course. They choose to have sex and not wearing a condom. He have to support her in her decision to keep the baby or not. If she chooses adoption he can have the option to take the baby if he wants. He will need to a job to support the child and trying to get along with the mother since they (MORE)

Who is effected when the teenager gets pregnant?

most likely the baby . if your a teen and pregnant you have to grow up alot and be alot more responsible... most likely the baby . if your a teen and pregnant you have to grow up alot and be alot more responsible..

When does a girl gets pregnant?

When i take her out after a nice dinner, and shopping. We go back to my place to cuddle up to a movie and hot cocoa. My first leads to me lightly kissing her neck and whispering things in her ear she wants to hear. Once i begin playing with her breasts, she begins to massage my penis, and asks if sh (MORE)

Why do teenage girls want to get pregnant?

Girls want a family as much as guys want new cars. They look very nice from the window but 9 times out of 10 when there's something that needs to be fixed it gets put off. Simply means that they want to to feel important. To much TV theses days children watch TV shows always a happy family with hap (MORE)

What are the laws of a teenage girl to move out if she is pregnant?

I have a teenager who is pregnant and has done everything to move out. They have to be of legal age to move out which in most states is 18. They could become emanicated, however they must prove they can care for the themselfs and the unborn child without assistance. This must be proven in a court of (MORE)

What happens if a teenage boy gets a teenage girl pregnant?

she will either get an abortion or keep the baby. if she chooses to get an abortion (which im totally against of) but i think if she is still young and doesnt choose to ruin her life that will be the best option for her. if she chooses to keep it, then the best suggestion is to put the child up for (MORE)

Why are so many teenage girls getting pregnant?

I believe it is because of parents and the opposite sex. I myself have been asked to have sex by a younger male and I'm in my teens. For females it is hard to say no when a male is pressuring you constantly. It may not even be the friends saying "OH, you should do this it will be fun." It may just b (MORE)

Can an guy have problems getting an girl pregnant?

Both men and women can have conception problems. These do not usually become apparent until they have been trying for a baby for a couple of years. Medical investigations can find out if or what the problems are. Men, for example, can have low motility of sperm, or low sperm count.

What are some consequences of teenagers getting pregnant?

- 60% drop out of school and only 1% of teen moms have graduated from college by the time they are 30. - you have to stay home most of the time to take care of your kid and you can barely go out with your friends again and some of them you will lose. - you have to live at home longer because f (MORE)

Why are young girls getting pregnant?

They're getting pregnant because they're not be monitored, their parents obviously gives them "too much freedom". So, with that freedom, they get to do pratically ANYTHING they want to do with no guidance and help from others.

How do you handle the teenage?

You handle with teenagers by giving them space but if that doesn't work you just try to get along with them and try to act more like their friend and if that doesn't work then just talk to them because their going through a lot so they might just not realize whats going on .

Do some Asian teenage girls get pregnant?

Of course. Once one's body is ready to have a child, (read as: puberty) people of all races can (and do) have children. But puberty is a general idea of when you can have a child. People have had children before puberty.

Why teenage girls are too young to get pregnant?

Teenagers shouldn't get pregnant because the teen years are hard enough with puberty & other social experiences and problems too have too deal with a baby also. Teenagers might have the body of an adult but it doesn't mean the mind is grown up as well.

Why don't teenage girls protect themselves from getting pregnant?

Because they are having sex with a older guy who says he wants to ejaculate in them and that he loves them. #Some feels nobody loves them and they want a child thinking it will be someone who loves them unconditionally. # Many take birth control but not regularly or on time so it fails. # (MORE)

How can a girl protect her self from getting pregnant?

Always use protection. There are many methods and you can talk them through with your doctor. And always make him wear a condom. That is the only one that protects from diseases which can be much worse then getting pregnant.

Do girls like getting pregnant?

Its not just a general question obviously the woman has to be ready and knows what she wants so you can just ask the internet that question you have to ask the girl

Why are teenagers now getting pregnant earlier?

Studies show that teenage girls get pregnant because peer pressure is being more active. If ur daughter is pregnant, it is most likely because of peer pressure. Kids saying things like, "Ur a virgin ?" or "u've never slept with anyone" makes girls want to sleep with someone....not to go around an (MORE)

Why do teenage girls get pregnant so early?

Fecundity rate is higher in teenagers . Hormones running high and they fall in love. Many don't know enough about birth control or feel too embarrassed to ask. Some are convinced they will be together for life and a baby would complete their "family". There are many reasons but physically anyone (MORE)

Why do people make a fuss about teenagers getting pregnant?

I imagine the US can spend 8 billion dollars on better things than on teens who get pregnant by mistake or on purpose. It takes their teen years away and creates more poor people who don't get educated as much as they could. This can be prevented and that is why it needs attention. It also passes fr (MORE)

Can a teenage girl get pregnant on her period?

A woman of any age could get pregnant as a result of sex duringmenstruation. A woman can only get pregnant if she has sex during the fertilephase of her menstrual cycle; when she ovulates and when there isfertile cervical mucus present. Typically women will ovulate 14days before/after menstruation, (MORE)