How do you have the best sex in your life?

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Have a single partner for at least 30 years. Overcome the notion from your children that grown boys and girls cant ****; spend a lot of time learning how to hump with each other. Heterosexual sex is not a flit; it is a journy. Dont die too quick.
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How do you give a man the best sex of his life?

Do everything. Meaning, do all the work. I mean, if you are really wanting to give him the best sex of his life, then just one time, do everything to him, dont even let him touch you, you have to touch you being in the dominant role is a huge turn on.

How to spice up my sex life?

Man - Ask her what she wants from you, don't be too adventurous unless she is cool with it. . Women - Do sexy things that guys would enjoy, take a picture of yourself, not to risque, and put it in his briefcase for work, so when he see's it he is already turned on and can't wait to get home to you

How can you give your boyfriend the best sex of his life?

Respect him when alone and in public. He will thank - you for that.\n. \nIf you get married, don't abuse his money, but practice good stewardship.\n. \nRespect his family.\n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \nIgnore the above. Stick on a sexy fantasy outfit, and do WHATEVER he wants for one night only (excep

What is best about sex?

Everything! Sex itself is amazing of course, but the intimacy, the intensity, the power....There's no way to be closer to each other then that.

How best sex?

There's no one "right way" to have sex, but in general (a) sex improves with practice, so you and your partner should keep at it; (b) you will never have the best sex unless you and your partner can talk about it. Talking about sex is one of the easiest and best ways to make it better!

How do you enhance your sex life with your wife?

Spice up your life by remembering the things you did with her when you both were younger. Try experimenting with things you normally wouldn't do. Sex toys of every kind are out there. Do what ever you have to do but make sure you satisfy her and don't worry about yourself. Women like things whispere

Why is meaningless sex the best sex?

It really isn't. The idea that casual sex, one night stands and the like are more enjoyable than the sex one would have in a meaningful relationship is completely untrue. If anything having sex with someone who genuinely care about will better the experience. Also, despite the fact that I support

How do you have the best sex in your life by your self?

Delay, delay and delay. So, bring yourself to the brink by masturbation. Then hold off for at least 30 minutes and more if possible. Watch your favorite porn movie and and then stick a vibrator in your anus with lube on if necessary. Then repeat the sequence. If you can put this off for about 6 hour