How do you help a grieving person?

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  • All humans will eventually grieve for the loss of a loved one and grief is a lonely road that the individual left behind has to deal with. The only things others can do is listen when that person chooses to speak; phone them every so often and if you feel they are capable of going out take them to dinner or an up lifting movie. The movie and song 'Lean on Me' is just what you have to do for a grieving person. Eventually the person will get over their grief in their own time (each person is different.)
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How do you help a loved one grieve?

Answer listen to their feelings You can't. Grieving is the most personal experience possible. It's a complex process of dealing with our own relationship with the deceased, facing our own demons, acknowledging our own mortality, dealing with the guilt associated with how we interacted with the d (MORE)

How do you grieve for your cat?

Hang in there. It's really tough. I didn't think I'd want another one after my fluffy guy died at 18 years, and felt there'd never be another cat who could take his place, and that I'd never want to put myself in that situation again. Within a month I got tired of the loneliness and emptiness and we (MORE)

How can you help someone who is grieving due to a death in the family?

First be extremely patient.... the person in this grief state is experiencing grossly abnormal nerve sensitivity. The individual may need a good listener or just someone to be there. The "lost" leaves one in a hollow state often wanting just to be protected from thinking .....Thoughts may be painful (MORE)

Do dogs grieve?

There is much anecdotal evedence to suggest some do. Answer . Absolutely, although dogs will move on more quickly than humans in most cases.

Can a lawyer help a person that is guilty?

Yes everyone has the right to an attorney. A lawyer has a duty to the adversarial system to be sure that all individuals are represented and that the prosecution cannot take shortcuts in the process. Added: Whether they will be able to "help" them is open not only to interpretation of what is me (MORE)

How can you help a dumb person who needs your help?

The term "dumb" is no longer used because it is derogatory and demeaning. A person with lower intelligence often has difficulty understanding tasks and activities that other people take for granted. For example, one person may love to read, but another person may struggle to read the simplest of wor (MORE)

Why do people grieve?

people grieve because there lost ones are gone forever and they won't come back. they grieve because someone that they might have known for many years is no longer there.

How do you help someone grieving the loss of a loved one?

I know how it feels it feels terrible. My friend lost her grandma and she was crying I felt bad for her so I baked and cooked for her family because the family was too sad to cook. They were very grateful they asked if they could do anything for me but I said I don't want anything I am happy the way (MORE)

Do goats grieve?

Yes they can display behaviour like grieving if they lose their kids or if they are housed with only one other goat and it dies as goats are very social animals and need company.

What does grieved mean?

To grieve means to experience intense sorrow, like if someone close to you dies. Grieved means that you have lost them and have come to the realisation that they are gone. Grief is the feeling with this. They are gone and you miss them terribly but there is nothing you can do and that's why you expe (MORE)

How do Sikh grieve?

In Sikhism death is considered a natural process, an event that has absolute certainty and only happens as a direct result of God's Will or Hukam. To a Sikh, birth and death are closely associated, because they are both part of the cycle of human life of "coming and going" Hymns are sung from the (MORE)

Do you have any ways to help the grieving process because my grandmother died and i am a wreck?

I am sorry about the loss of your grandma. They are special people. If you are a Christian, the Bible says there is a time for grieve. In other won't last forever. I can suggest keeping busy but to also take time to treasure the strong memories of her. Certainly she would be most pleased (MORE)

Can you not to grieve?

It is possible to suppress grief, but it is a very unhealthy thing to do, emotionally. Grief is a process that allows us to come to terms with loss, both consciously and -- more importantly -- subconsciously. Suppressing it can and likely will lead to emotional problems later in life. In addition th (MORE)

How can you help your grieving guinea pig?

First of all you can give it toys. Guinea pigs have fun even with small bird toys. They also are very social animals so you could get them a same gender buddy ( if it's male with male you might want them in different cages).Also maybe try spending more time with them. You should also ask your vet. H (MORE)

What does grieving involve?

Grieving involves coming to terms with the loss of something a person holds as important or special. Although grieving is mostly associated with the loss of someone who dies people also grieve when for example a relationship ends because their partner leaves or where a parent disowns a child and vic (MORE)

Who was the founder of grieving?

Higher animals have been grieving for millions of years. No one has any idea when, where or with whom the process began. One of the major figures in the early scientific study of grief was Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross.

Do hamsters grieve?

Yes. It is said that all animals grieve even if they don't show it. Grieve in hamsters can be triggered to a loss of its partner or housemate and also other situations.

How can you help a child grieve the loss of his Mother?

OK here we go there is no helping that much i am a child in real life. And my friend lost her mom from breast cancer it was tough on her maybe talk to him/her or try to make it normal but don't let him/her forget there mom. I know he/she won't but it's sometimes nice to remember. My friend was a p (MORE)

What was Okonkwo grieving about?

Okonkwo grieves for Ikemefuna's death, as well as the slow death of the Igbo culture. He later grieves for the effeminate character of his son Nwoye, who has turned his back on the Igbo gods. He also grieves that his ferocity has made it so that his sons are not as great as he.

Do wolves grieve?

Scientists do not know if animals have emotions but wolves do show a sign of grieving, by howling

How do you help a grieving friend?

As sad as it is to see someone grieve all individuals will experience a loss and grieve. Grieving for every individual is a journey they must take on their own as far as the steps in grieving and no one can really help them 100 percent and only be there to listen to what the griever has to say; put (MORE)

How can you help a mentally retarded person?

First, kick the 'r' word out of your vocabulary! "Challenged" is more appropriate, and try to remember that we all are "challenged" in one way or another. For example: I am visually challenged. I do not see as well as my next door neighbor. Another example: No matter how hard I try, I will never be (MORE)

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There are many personal loan providers in the market it isessential to choose the Best Bank or financial institution byComparing Documents, Interest Rates, process, Eligibility online.Online market places like Credit Nation play very important rolehere. They help you in comparing all the personal lo (MORE)

What helps during difficult grieving?

Grieving is a normal process to go through, but some individuals may become reclusive; will not eat well; may not be sleeping well and become very distressed and depressed and they should first have a good physical because stress can cause many health issues and also grief counseling. In fact, most (MORE)

Will you help a person who is sad about how overweight they are?

Certainly! We will help you as much as we can. Why not start by reading some relevant pages. I have added them further down this page, listed under Related Questions . In addition, please feel free to ask as many questions as you like relating to weight, weight loss, your thoughts or feelings, and (MORE)

Why might some people avoid a grieving person?

Some people avoid some grieving people because they are uncomfortable to be around the person and don't know what to say to the person. Others may avoid the person because they don't like being around excessive crying and depression. In that case they should help the person get proper grief couns (MORE)

How can you help your girlfriend's grieving process?

I am a girl so I think this answer will help. First, have a talk with her about what she is grieving about so she can let all of her emotions out (this will make her feel better) Second, try to relate with her problem and let her know you are there for her and understand how she's feeling. Third, ta (MORE)

How do you help a gay person?

Support politicians who favor equality. Be vocal about your support for LGBT Rights. You can also volunteer at gay charities.

Who is the person who helps the person get ready for battle?

A squire. At that time a squire was a boy of at least 14, in traing to be a knight. A knight night have more than one squire as well as other servants. One of a squires specific duties was to care for the knights armor and weapons and help the knight put on his armor. The word squire is a short form (MORE)

What is the simile for grieve?

mourn, lament, sorrow, be sorrowful, cry, sob, weep, sadden, upset, distress, pain, hurt, wound, and/or break someone's heart some antonyms are to please and to rejoice

Why do you grieve for strangers?

People are generally a caring species, so especially if something horrible has happened, we can relate to the pain and grief of other people. If it happens in a familiar location to us, or the deceased or victim is about the same age as yourself or your children, you might compare that it might as w (MORE)

What is a noun for grieve?

Noun forms for the verb to grieve are griever, grievance, and the gerund, grieving. A related noun form is grief.

What do you do when you feel grieving?

Some people wear black for a time after the person they lost has gone, some people cry but other people celebrate the life lived by the person they lost (if they lived to a really old age).

What is the verb of grieve?

Grieve is already a verb. For example "to grieve someone or something" is an action,therefore it is a verb.

What are some of the ways a person will grieve the loss of a family pet?

The loss of a loved one can be difficult, and it can be no less difficult when a family pet is lost. Some families will hold funerals for their beloved animal, and either have them cremated or buried. Some will set up memorials in their house. Some carry a photograph of the lost family member aro (MORE)

What does grieves mean?

The term grieves is the 3rd person singular present of the term grieve. This means to feel sadness, depression or pain from losing someone or something.

My grandma been only one there for me forever and I am taking care of her and she is on Hospice how I handle her death when I'll have no one to help me with the grieving process?

I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother, it's always sad tosee someone who we love so much suffer as their health starts to godownhill. Two years ago we watched my grandmother as her healthdeclined until she passed, it was definitely a hard thing toexperience. But what helped my family get thro (MORE)