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(see definitions of Narcissist and Sociopath)
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How can you tell if someone is a pathological liar?

Pathological liars - or "mythomaniacs" - are people who engage in objectively puposeless story telling behavior. The stories they tell are not the products of delusions and se

Is there help for a pathological liar?

  Answer   If a pathological liar wants help, I mean really wants help. then yes there is help, But often they begin to believe their own lies so much. that they don

Is there a medication to help pathological liars?

Answer   "No, people who lie do it on purpose, and sometimes they lie for so many years when they are telling a story that is not true they may think it is because lying

Where can a pathological liar get help?

  Answer   This is difficult, firstly the person in question needs to realise they have a problem, and it doesn't matter how many times someone else tells them, they

What are the best way of telling someone that he is a pathological liar and he can really believe it and go for help?

This isn't easy and the person may know and just be taking advantage of you?Traditionally sit down and talk to them about it.I think perhaps if you kept a diary of their lies

How do you help a pathological liar?

  Answer   it is dificult, and most of the time it takes professional help, but i believe that as long as the person has someone devoted to helping overcome their illne

How you tell if someone is a pathological liar?

The best way to tell if someone is a pathological liar, is to catch  them in their lies. If you cant determine that they are a liar,  it's best not to trust them until they

Why is someone a pathological liar?

Because they have lied so much that they have lost all conscientious pangs and are callus to doing wrong of this sort. So that above answer was completely conceited and wron

What do you do when you are in love with a pathological liar how can he be helped?

of course its better if someone dare enough with a positive mind .the love should be more of UN- conditional and divine can even call prayers by invoking divine angels for the

How can a pathological liar be helped?

Sounds a little odd, but works. 1. Look down at your nose for 3 complete seconds. 2. Stare at your wall for 30 minutes. Make sure that is the only think your focusing on and