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How do you hook up a garbage disposal and a dishwasher to the same outlet if the outlet has black red and white wires?

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each needs a separate 20 amp feed
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How does a four wire 240V outlet hook up to a four wire dryer cord?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service.   The two "hot wires" connect just as before. Both black wires will connect where the old black

In hooking up a 240V Air Conditioner you have four wires but only three on outlet What three go on receptacle Red Black White Copper?

  Answer   For a 240V with ground outlet you will connect black (hot) to one brass screw, red (hot) to the other brass screw, and bare (ground) to the green screw.

How do you hook up a 120v outlet?

To hook up a 120 volts outlet, use a new outlet that is a protected  type. It must be GFCI or be wired into a GFCI-protected circuit in  an unfinished basement, bathroom, or

Do you have to hook up the ground wire on an outlet?

Yes, this is the return path to the electrical panel, on a short circuit condition, that trips the breaker A short circuit is when the hot or neutral wire is broken, or touc

How do you hook up a light with black white and red wires?

The presence of the red wire in a light switch situation usually involves a 3 way switch. The light itself would only have the black and white running to it but the switches h

How do you correctly wire a 120V wall outlet with black white and red wires?

The white and black are typical for the outlet, the red is to control the switch for the circuit. If your not using a three way switch (two switches that when in the same posi

Can a garbage disposal be on the same circuit as four outlets and a ceiling fan?

Yes, if the circuit breaker and the wiring is large enough to carry the sum of the amp draw of all. Without knowing what will be plugged into the outlets, there is no way to b