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Guys, and girls, can hump a pillow in many ways.

The easiest way would be to use the pillow as if it is the body part you imagine focussing on during sex, which can be anything (whatever gets you going), put it wherever you want on the bed and start 'humping' it, keeping your penis between the pillow and your tummy. The pressure coming from that is a bonus to the friction of the pillow (and foreskin).

Another way is, if you are well endowed or, alternatively, have a small pillow, by putting your penis between the pillow and the rest of the bed. This might make a more realistic 'hole' to enjoy, but you'll need to keep your hands on the pillow to keep the pressure on it and keep it in position.

There are products which simulate a human orifice which can be use similarly (ass, mouth and vagina), which will definitely give you a better experience than the above examples, but with a cost. And don't forget to clean those after use...
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How do a boy hump a pillow?

He puts a hole in the pillow.!  Whips his hard penis out.! Inserts his penis inside the hole of the pillow.! and starts to stoke back and fourth.!

How do you hump a pillow?

If you are on the pillow you need to grind your vagina or penis on it. It's up to you if you like it hard. If you have the pillow on top of you rub it on you. Females: Fin

How do boys hump pillows?

Put the pillow below their dick and move their hips down and forward then up and back

How should a boy hump a pillow?

He shouldn't    Reply:   he should!_ and with mighty thrusts! grasp it in your hands and simply roll the smaller ends into a buxom cylinder shape creating small tig

How do you hump the pillow?

if your a girl then wear a nice panty and get on top of a pillow and rub your vagina on it. you can also watch some porn to get you horny and you have to wear a panty because

Do boys hump their pillows?

It is perfectly normal for a boy to 'hump' his pillow or his bed to feel stimulated. Many boy's try humping the pillow, bed or other objects before masturbating.

How should a girl hump a pillow?

I am a girl and when im not with my girlfriend i tend to hump my pillows quit frequently. You begin by pressing up against the pillow, spread your vagina lips to the angle tha
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How do buys hump pillows?

We just swipe the good ol credit card like that, give em a little slap on the bum, and then we PLOW AWAY that oil field... Use protection your Jew bank could get angry....
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Can a boy hump a pillow naked?

No only gay males or females may hump a pillow naked. if you are a boy you may only hump your blanket taned
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How do i dry hump with a pillow i am a boy?

Dry Humping for a Male Using a Pillow Missionary position: Place the pillow on the bed and then lay on top of it. as if it were another person. Rub your penis against the pil