How do you improve the clarity of my plasma TV?

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How does a plasma TV work?

How a Plasma TV Works Plasma TVs use small chambers of a plasma (gas) to illuminate adjacent areas of phosphors of different colors. Plasma TVs use thousands of sealed, low pressure glass chambers filled with a mixture of neon and xenon. Behind these chambers are colored phosphors, one red, on (MORE)

What is a plasma TV?

A regular TV has a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). A CRT is basically alarge vacuum tube in which a electric beam emanating from a singlepoint in the neck of the tube scans the face of the tube veryrapidly which, in turn, lights up red, green, or blue phosphors onthe tube's surface to make an image. Plasma (MORE)

What are opinions on plasma TVs?

My personal opinion on plasma televisions is that, while they can be very entertaining and amusing, i would honestly prefer a 3d television, which is a higher quality of tv. Plasma tvs are functional because of their slim design though

How do you connect a plasma tv to your laptop?

\n\n Multi pin D connector \n\n\nThere will be a "D" shaped multi pin plug on the plasma TV (at the rear or side)and would have the letters PC or an icon in the shape of a monitor. the lap top will have a "D" shaped multi pin socket. A decent computer shop will supply the lead required or internet (MORE)

Who invented the plasma screen TV?

Donald Bitzer and Gene Slottow created the first plasma screen in 1964. . Some say they were assisted by a university student in the same uniersity named: Robert Wilson. Donald Bitzer, Gene Slottow, and Robert Willson 1964 University of Illinois.

Which is better an LCD TV or Plasma TV?

I think that most people prefer LCDs (liquid crystal display) overplasma (depending on manufacturer) because of their lower energyconsumption and plasma's are susceptible to image burn-in, whichbasically means that your colors will eventually lose sharpness andget darker (also creating a "shadow" im (MORE)

How do you ship a plasma tv?

Shipping a plasma The best way to ship a plasma TV or any kind of high end electronic device is to ship it in a box that most closely resembles the object itself. For something like a plasma TV you will want a box similar to the one that HDTVs come in when you buy them from an electronics store. On (MORE)

What are plasma TVs made of?

Plasma displays are made of thousands of tiny cells, three for each pixel that makes up the image. Three are used to mix red, green and blue light together to create the color required. Inside each cell is a low pressure gas. When the gas has a voltage applied across it, it changes state from a gas (MORE)

What can go wrong with a plasma tv?

Plasma TVs can get burn-in images (especially when playing video games on them), they get hotter than LCD TVs do, they don't work so well in higher altitudes, and generally have a shorter life span. A 6" thick line running top to bottom can appear on your plasma and never come off.The repair shop w (MORE)

What is the best plasma tv?

My Major Brands Rankings: 1.Pioneer 2.Panasonic 3.Samsung 4.Toshiba 5.Hitachi 6.Sony 7.LG 8.Sharp Although Pioneer stopped making them, so Panasonic's the best by far right now. The major brand you should avoid is Vizio. Their absolutely Terrible.

Replacement of gas in plasma tv.?

There is no economical way to replace the gas 'pixels' within a plasma TV. If it is broken and the gas escapes, you should dispose of the TV in an enviromental manner and purchase a new one.

Do plasma TVs use actual plasma?

Yes. The cells in a plasma TV contain a mixture of gases that are typically found in neon lights. When a current is passed through the cell, it ionizes the gas, turning it into a partially ionized plasma.. This plasma differs from the plasma found in the Sun, stars, and interplanetary, which is typ (MORE)

Do plasma TVs have plasma in them?

Yes. Due to the fact that they are based on fluorescent (probablyspelled that wrong) lighting. Fluorescent lighting uses largeamounts of electricity to excite gaseous atoms into plasma, thefourth state of matter where electrons fly free from their nucleus,thus plasma tv's have plasma

Who makes Sony plasma TVs?

Sony. But they do use circuit boards and parts from other manufacturer's, such as Samsung, etc. It's just a matter of economics.

Best plasma tv in the world?

The Pioneer Kuro Plasma's followed by The Viera Panasonic Plasma's. athough now the best is Panasonic as Pioneer no long makes Plasmas.

Is plasma used in plasma TVs?

Yes. The cells in a plasma TV contain a mixture of gases that are typically found in neon lights. When a current is passed through the cell, it ionizes the gas, turning it into a partially ionized plasma. This plasma differs from the plasma found in the Sun, stars, and interplanetary, which is ty (MORE)

Why are plasma TVs called plasma TVs?

It's because of the way they work. They apply electricity to neon and xenon to produce UV light to light up a phosphor. When neon and xenon get a spark, they go from a gas to plasma, a fourth state of matter (liquid, gas, solid and plasma.) A kid might say it's called a plasma TV because it is so th (MORE)

What are the advantage of plasma TV?

Hi the advantage of plasma TV is it is larger in screen, it gives us good quality picture for more information here is a sources http://www. plasma plasmatv / advantages .html

What is plasma in plasma tv?

The plasma in plasma TV is actually real plasma. Many people tend to think that plasma is something made up by science fiction novels, but it's actually closer to home then you might think. plasma is a state of matter like a solid, liquid or gas but with different properties. It is best described as (MORE)

What are the comparisons of a plasma tv to blood plasma?

After researching plasma TV's and attempting to answer thequestion: do plasma TV's contain human blood plasma? - there hasbeen no answer given to this vital question. Where does the plasmafor plasma TV's come from? How is it created? How is it combinedwith other elements/components to create organic (MORE)

Does plasma screen tv has plasma in it?

A Plasma tv works like this; the pixels are coated with red green and blue phosphors. They are then filled with xenon and neon gases, which when hit with electrical charges change from a gaseous state to a plasma like state. They emit ultra violet light which exictes the electrons in the phosphours (MORE)

How is plasma used in TVs?

if im right, it is used in the LCD screen of the television to enhance the working preduction. look here on

How is plasma the same as a plasma TV?

Plasma is known as the fourth state of matter. It can be found when gases are at extremely high temperatures. Our best known example is the sun, where much of the matter is in a plasma state. At lower temperatures, a plasma can be created when a low pressure gas is subjected to an electric field. (MORE)

What is best a plasma TV or a lcd TV?

If you where to look at rating for the most reliable MFG of TV's it would be Panasonic. If you are asking about the best picture, then it is usually the most expensive models. I would have to say Samsung. Buy this falls on you as to the best picture. Find a store and check the picture before y (MORE)

What makes up a plasma tv?

A plasma TV screen is made up of a grid of tiny pixels filled with gas. An electrical charge is put across these pixels which cause the gas atoms to interact with a phosphor coating to create colours.

Which is better a plasma TV or an LCD TV?

LCD TV is better because plasma TVs use certain gas cells to produce the image and the TV can make the room feel like a furnace in just a few minutes, depending on the surroundings. LCD TVs take forever to get that hot.

What is the downside to plasma tv?

They cost too much they are subject to "burn in" if an image is left on the screen paused too long They must be stored and used right-side up. if you mount a plasma to a ceiling it's ruined. When an LCD's backlight burns out, you can replace the bulb. when a plasma doesn't light up, you replac (MORE)

Does a plasma tv need to be refilled?

A plasma screen uses tiny cells of low pressure gas to generate an image. Once the cell is filled with the gas during manufacture, there is no way to repair the cell. If the gas composition is disturbed by damage to the screen, the only repair is a screen replacement.

Why is plasma TV technology a failure?

The question presumes that plasma television technology is failure and that is far from the truth. Plasma televisions have been around since the early days of flat screen television and were in fact the only technology available to reach the 40" and larger screen sizes. When they were launched, th (MORE)

What does a Plasma TV mean?

Plasma is the method used to generate the image. Unlike LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technologies, plasma uses individual cells of ionized gas to create the display. A high current of electricity is applied to the cell and it glows.

How is a plasma TV different from an LCD TV?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display and LCD TVs use liquidcrystals to give off their display while plasma TVs show display bythe technology utilizing small cells containing electricallycharged ionized gases (or what is also more commonly known asfluorescent lamps). And another famous difference is (MORE)

What is the difference in a plasma and an LCD TV?

The difference between plasma and lcd TV is the type of material that is used to project the image. LCD has a good image but plasma has a better image. The only problem with plasma is that there is a greater chance of burning an image into the screen from overuse. LCD screens emit no light of their (MORE)

What are the safest plasma tv stands?

The safest plasma tv stands are ones rated for the weight and size of your television. Be careful to have this information with you when going to the store to purchase one. In addition, although the price may be higher, a solidly constructed real wood stand is the strongest and least likely to colla (MORE)

Where can you buy plasma tv stands?

You can buy plasma tv stands at places that sell plasma TVs such as Costco, Sams Club, Best Buy, Office Depot, Walmart, Target, or any other place like this.

What is the cost of a plasma tv?

Plasma tvs will vary by brand and size, but will typically cost you something in the range of $600 for one that is around 42 inches. Many of the brands fall within this price range.

Is Plasma in flat screen TVs?

Some televisions are plasma displays, although these models are less common these days. Most flat-screen TV's are Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) backlit with either flourescent bulbs or Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

What is the purpose of Plasma TV brackets?

Plasma TV brackets can be used to to mount a Plasma TV to the wall instead of placing it on a table or home entertainment center. It can eliminate clutter and a better viewing experience.

What is the cost for a Pioneer Plasma TV?

Depending on what size of tv you are looking for, as well as what store you plan to purchase it from a Pioneer Plasma TV can run anywhere from 450 to 1200 dollars. Some stores will run sales so keep an eye out for an ad.

What is the purpose of a plasma screen tv?

Plasma screen TVs differ from LCD or LED TVs. Plasma TVs use electrically charged ionized gas to display the picture. The advantages of a plasma TV are that they provide a clearer and better picture than LCD or LED TVs.