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Answer 1:
You can increase hemoglobin by eating green vegtables, fruits, red meats etc. that are rich in iron. The reason this increases hemoglobin is because the main oxygen binding component is Fe2+ which is stopped from forming into Fe3+ (rust) by the heme groups attached.

Answer 2:
Hemoglobin can always be increased by a red blood cell transfusion (in which an anticoagulant is used), but otherwise it depends on the reason for it being low. The most common cause of low hemoglobin is bleeding due to injury, heavy menstration, ulcers, etc. In this case, hypotension (low blood pressure) is likely as well as syncope (fainting). The second most likely cause is iron deficiency, and a disease related cause would be anemia.

Answer 3:
Though it is important to have high concentrations of hemoglobin's affinity to oxygen bears great importance, which pertains to it's confirmation (T-state, decreased affinity, R-state, increased affinity), pH, Temperature, as well as Gibbs free energy favorability. The affinity and the correct cooperativity are best controlled by exercising (generally aerobic), high altitudes, blood transfusion, as well as, decreased C02 or CO intake which has >200x the binding affinity of oxygen.
Constipation is the major cause for lowered levels of hemoglobin. You can avoid constipation with regular eating habits of wholesome foods, fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that you eat five times a day, three meals and two snacks, with 40 percent of calories from carbohydrates, 30 percent from protein, and 30 percent from unsaturated fats. This can include: three fourths vegetables and one part cereals. Curry leaves known as 'amla' are known to increase hemoglobin levels. Breathing exercises, with proper guidance, can also help.

Hey you need to try some supplements that can give you more iron. We have tried Vemma- it is multi vitamin nautral fruit supplement that can give you good iron and also increase your haemoglobin count. It is not a medicine, its a wellness product. You have to take it every day for atelast couple of months to see the change. Its not a medicine to do the magic overnite.
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How to increase hemoglobin?

Eat iron rich food like leafy vegetables like 'palak' and fruit juice specially citric fruit and pomagranate juice and 'chukandar' too. Other ways to increase your hemoglobi

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hemoglobin is made up of haem(iron)+globin(Protein). the food which contain much iron and protein increase hb.

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Well red meat has iron in it which is necessary for the hemoglobin (it is full of iron) but it will not increase the amount, just improve functionality if you are lacking.

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Foods that are rich in Iron such as seafoods, chicken, liver, beef, red meat, turkey, fish,and pork. Eggs, dark vegetables, green leaves, dried fruits, nuts and beans are only

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the simple wafy to increase the hemoglobin is eat only iron reac diet because it increase the hemoglobin such as spinach, orange , read meat such as goat meat and cow meat and

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A minor increase in hemoglobin helps the blood carry oxygen better. This is common and a normal accommodation in people that live at high altitude. An excessive increase in

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Either by eating iron rich foods, or taking an iron supplement. Good food sources of iron include red meat, shellfish, Kellogg's special K cereal, green veg, potato skins, pul

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Beetroot is a health giving vegetable as are all other vegetables.By taking this vegetable frequently you will be escape from constipation. Beetroot is an essential vegetable