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How do you install a ball check valve in a basement drain?

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check at a plumbing supply , for this, [ball check ]
i also have had good louck by pushing a Tennis ball in to mine then replacing the top plate.
Acts like a stopper,
Thanks for the feedback!

Can you install laminate flooring in a basement?

Answer   It is not recommened that you install a laminate in the basement, however, if you really want to, there are certain precautions that are absolutely necessary - t

Can you install wood flooring in the basement?

Yes, you can...provided that there is not a water nor moisture issue. If the basement is below grade (i.e. beneath the ground), then you need to use an engineered hardwood (

How do you repair a leaking basement drain cap?

  Answer     First off is this drain cap leaking constantly or is it just leaking when water is used.     If it is constant it is indicating that the lin

Is check valve and ball valve same?

No Check valves are two-port valves, meaning they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. There are various types of check valv

Why is the basement drain trap dry?

Because of evaporation and lack of use. I recomend dumping some water down it to refill it, that will keep the sewer gases out aswell

What is the best way to install flooring over the main drain in a basement?

  Firstly check with the Water Authority/Local Authority that the drain is not a sewer shown on the map of sewers. If it is in fact a drain it should only serve one proper

Can you install a shower in your basement?

This is not recommended but obviously with the right amount of money, plumbing is not impossible. But the average person wont be able to afford the necessary changes so the sh