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How do you install a ball check valve in a basement drain?

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check at a plumbing supply , for this, [ball check ]
i also have had good louck by pushing a Tennis ball in to mine then replacing the top plate.
Acts like a stopper,
Thanks for the feedback!

Can you install a toilet on a four-inch cast in a basement floor?

Installing a Toilet on a Cast Yes, you can put a toilet on it.  The hardest part would be putting a toilet flange onto the cast.  There are two options: you can either get

Where is the PCV valve and how to install on a Windstar?

PCV Valve locations:     1995-1998 3.0l - front valve cover    1996-1998 3.8l - rear valve cover    1999-2003 3.8l - front valve cover   INSTALL: Si

How do you repair a leaking basement drain cap?

  Answer     First off is this drain cap leaking constantly or is it just leaking when water is used.     If it is constant it is indicating that the lin

Install air admittance valve?

  I would install an AAV if   1- I wanted to punish someone and try my best to expose them to carcinogenic /flammable fumes   2- I wanted to cause major problems

How do you stop an intermittant sewage smell from the drain in your basement?

Assuming there is a trap under the drain, just pour at least a quart of water down the drain. this will fill the trap and block the flow of sewer gases into the building. A t

What is a check valve?

  Answer   This is a device which prevents the reverse flow of air, water (which ever type of system it is installed on).   Answer   A check valve is an ant

How do you check for a drain on a car battery?

You need to turn off all electric switches, then disconnect the battery positive. Put a multimeter, between the battery + lead and the + terminal. There will be a reading of

Does a 1999 grand am have a radiator drain valve?

I believe it does have one near the bottom at the left side of the radiator. I can't remember if it faces forward or rearward.... You'll probably need a 1/4 inch ratchet exten

Can you install a shower in your basement?

This is not recommended but obviously with the right amount of money, plumbing is not impossible. But the average person wont be able to afford the necessary changes so the sh

What is the first step to install a basement bathroom?

Decide if it is feasable. Are there drains already in place ? Does the existing main drain go through the floor or out the wall. If it's out the wall, you would need to instal