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How do you install rolled copper plumbing?

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Unroll it and use as you would normal hard copper. Compression fittings or soldered fittings.
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How do you attach plastic to copper plumbing?

\n. \n. \n. \nall hardware stores sell adaptors to change from copper to plastic. You solder the adaptor to the copper pipe and attach the plastic pipe to this adaptor usin

Why is copper used in plumbing?

Copper is easy to use and work with. The minerals in water generally do not build up on copper as easily as on galvanized steel. After WWII copper was relatively cheap and ava

Can you install a toilet without plumbing?

Usually, installing a toilet is simple. You do need to be able tofollow the directions, and have the proper tools. You will alsoneed to remove the previous toilet and replace

Why is copper pipe used for plumbing?

Because it lasts and is very versatile and can be used for a variety of plumbing applications with amazing results

Where to install plumbing air vent?

The highest 4 inch pipe should have a vent on it, or directly above a toilet junction. Above the flood level rim of the fixture it is servicing IT does not mean the toilet

What is the average cost to install copper plumbing in a 2000 sq. ft. house?

There is no "Average Price" that can be given. Most of the cost of piping a house is the labor, not the materials. Since labor rates vary greatly, you would need an estimate f

Why is copper used in domestic plumbing?

copper has a natural antimicrobial property to it preventing bacterial growth. Also Copper pipe will not build up corrosion & choke off water flow as Steel pipe will. Copper P

Why is copper plumbing used in homes but not aluminum plumbing?

Copper is the metal used for plumbing in houses, there are manyreasons behind it 1. Copper is the main metal for electrical wiring compare withaluminium. 2. Copper is an excel

How do you install plumbing in a new shower?

If you want to install plumbing in a new shower and need to ask this question, you really mustn't try it, because you aren't a plumber. It might cost a bit to get a real plum

Why is copper good for plumbing?

Copper is NOT good for plumbing. It was once, when there was no alternative. Now many superior products like PEX are available. They are cheaper, more lasting and more efficie

How do you install pex plumbing?

If using PEX for an addition or a repair, you can join it easily to existing copper piping by compression unions or Sharkbite unions. Sharkbite is easier, but about 2x the pri

How does copper plumbing actually work?

Copper plumbing has a protective layer on it to prevent the water from actually touching it. The control of the water is run through valves that move around joints which are a