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How do you install rolled copper plumbing?

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Unroll it and use as you would normal hard copper. Compression fittings or soldered fittings.
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How do you attach plastic to copper plumbing?

        all hardware stores sell adaptors to change from copper to plastic. You solder the adaptor to the copper pipe and attach the plastic pipe to this adapt

Why is copper used in plumbing?

Copper is easy to use and work with. The minerals in water generally do not build up on copper as easily as on galvanized steel. After WWII copper was relatively cheap and ava

Should you use copper repiping or PEX repiping to redo your homes plumbing?

In general, the latest recommendations are to use PEX  piping over copper even though copper has been the most  popular solution for decades now.    With the recent i

What are the basic plumbing fixtures to be installed in a 3 bedroom home?

    Answer     Current expectations include toilets, bath tubs/showers, kitchen and bathroom sinks, laundry room sink, drain piping for washing machine and

Can you install a toilet without plumbing?

Usually, installing a toilet is simple. You do need to be able to  follow the directions, and have the proper tools. You will also  need to remove the previous toilet and re

Why is copper pipe used for plumbing?

  Because it lasts and is very versatile and can be used for a variety of plumbing applications with amazing results

Can you use copper pipe for propane plumbing?

  Copper tubing is used for underground propane service lines but should be installed by a licensed propane company. See www.propane101.com/gasserviceline.htm for a better

What do you do when the sewer is above the plumbing line and you need to install a toilet?

  Answer   Your home improvement warehouse store or bathroom contractor should have "flush-up" toilet kits (sewage ejector pump, Qwik Jon is one I have installed. Th

How do you install a roll pan?

  Okay, First things first...Select a roll pan for your vehicle. There are 2 choices you can choose from: A Steel roll pan or a Fiberglass roll pan. In my experience, stee

Which president remodeled the White House to install indoor plumbing?

The date at which indoor plumbing was installed in the White House  is something of a mystery. In 1831 under Andrew Jackson, running  water was put into a lower level room a

How to Replace a section of copper plumbing pipe?

Assuming it is 15mm. Buy 2 15mm couplers (compression, push fit, pre-soldered or end feed) and a length of 15mm copper pipe. Chop the copper pipe that needs replacing and conn

Do you have to have a plumbing license to install a kitchen sink?

In some parts of the country yes. Most places no. In Los Angeles as long as the work is under $500 a "handyman" can do it. Countertop companies often install the sinks during