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How do you install the power head on a Kirby vacuum cleaner?

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On the front, there is a square piece that twists. If you turn it 180 degrees you can take the front right off.
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Why is the Kirby vacuum cleaner smelly?

If it smells like burnt rubber, the belt needs to be replaced.   Be sure to check the beater brush for hair, especially toward the ends. Buildup can limit the brush's abili

How do you install a belt on a Kirby vacuum cleaner?

When removing the power head, it is important to always detach the belt by turning the face piece toward the red arrows. Once that is off, you can look underneath the power he

How do you polish a Kirby vacuum cleaner?

The best way to restore the original Luster to the metal surfaces of your Kirby is to take it to your local authroized Kirby repair center. Or you can contack Kirby and inquir

How do you install a belt in Kirby vacuum cleaner and show you a diagram?

I will take you step by step in how to change a belt. It's pretty easy, all you need are two things: * a hammer * a screwdriver * the belt (obviously LOL!) 1. First, unplug th