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How do you jump start another car with a BMW?

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The BMW owner manual usually gives you this information, but lacking that here is what mine says: Since my BMW's battery is located in the trunk it is not easily accessible. There is a Positive red (+) terminal under a small plastic cover in the engine compartment. Connect one end of the jumper cable to that terminal. Connect the other end directly to a bolt located on the actual engine. This is the Negative (-). It will be located close to the positive terminal. Connect the jumper cable to the other car making sure to connect positive to positive and negative to negative.
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How do you jump start a BMW 525?

Most BMW's have the battery under the back seat (for better 50/50 weight distribution) and a "hot" point under the hood/bonnet. The "hot" point is protected by a one inch squ

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\nCheck your owner's manual. At the back of the engine compartment there is a little plastic "box" with a "+" on it....open the box and the nut inside is your positive termin

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It can. Some new cars warn against jump starting another car. Others have special locations to put the jumper cables. I have seen people blow out fuses doing it wrong. Call a

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Below is a link to a manual for a 2007 Volvo XC90. Page 136 discusses the procedure, which is similar to the process for other cars.. http://www.analogstereo.com/pdf/om/volvo

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Yes. However, since the battery is located in the spare tire compartment, under the loading dock, you will need to use the two terminals under the hood to attach the jumper ca

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Your ground post on the jumper cables is not fully connected to the body of the car. You may have to let the cables stay connected to both cars until the battery charges up. T

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Connect jumper cables from the positive battery post, on your BMW,to the positive battery post on the charged every. Connect theground together. Allow the battery to charge fo

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If you're absolutely certain that YOU know what you're doing and the person connecting the jumper cables to the OTHER car knows what he/she is doing, it will be okay. On the

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SHORT ANSWER: Normally speaking, with a typical jumpstart, it SHOULD NOT damage an alternator. LONG ANSWER (not a typical jumpstart): The only ways I even remotely see

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While he is in the middle of painting another nude portrait of his sister smack him over the head with his easel. Then drag the perverted artist by his feet with the help of h