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You can go to your states web site and file your state income tax return on line or get copies of the tax forms that you need to fill out and complete correctly and then get the correct mailing address to mail the completed copy of the state income tax return to.
Be sure and make an extra copy of this state income tax return to keep for your records.
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Where do you file taxes if you work in multiple states?

  You file in your state of residence   Ans   The above is true, but not complete. You always file in your state of residence, and all "intangible" type income (li

Can you file state and federal tax returns separately?

I would hope so. One will send their federal return to the IRS, and their state return to their state ... they are never mailed to the same address. There is no requirement

Do you have to file state taxes in Arizona?

Yes. Arizona state income tax rates are as follows: Income $10,000 or less 2.59% on every dollar earned. Income $10,001-$25,000 2.88% on every dollar earned. Income $25,001-$5

What is the Penalty for filing state taxes late?

Each state sets its own penalties. They are different depending on the state. But one thing that can be said with some certainty, the sooner you file the less the potential

Can you file a tax return with just social security as an income?

Generally, if Social Security benefits were your only income, the benefits are not taxable and you probably do not need to file a federal income tax return. If you have any

Do you need a w2 form to pay your taxes or just to file them?

When you are an employee and have an employer you need your copies of the W-2 form with the information that is on the w-2 form to enter the correct information on your 1040 i

Do you have to file Indiana state taxes?

This could be possible go to the state web site and find the question and answer section or use the search box WHO MUST FILE A INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX RETURN You must file an In

Can you file your taxes in any state?

It doesn't matter from where you file (mail) your taxes. However, you don't get to pick what state you want to file a tax return for. In general, you are required to file a s

Where to file Indiana state taxes?

The below mailing information comes from the Indiana Department of Revenue website **The Zip Code is determined by the P.O. Box. 46206 for P.O. Boxes 1 through 6599, 46207 for

Do you have to file a separate federal or state tax return for an LLC?

It depends on how you have elected your LLC to be taxed. An LLC does not have its own tax return per se; it is taxed as either a sole proprietor, a partnership, or a corporati