How do you kill black algae on your roof?

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To just KILL Roof Algae, simply spray it with some Copper or Zinc Sulfate mixed with water. 1 8 oz cup of copper sulfate per gallon of water will kill any plant growing on a roof, and provide lasting protection against re growth for awhile. Be sure and wet ALL plants and grass down before application. It can be applied with a pump up sprayer. The Roof Algea will die, and so will roof moss, and roof lichens! Eventually, the rain will wash the dead plant matter away, but it does take a long time.
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How do you get rid of black algae in your pool?

Black algae is a serious problem, particularly during the summer.In the semi-private pool we had, the technician tried to fix theproblem with the water in the pool. We ended up [hired a new poolcompany] having to empty the pool, do the remedial things to thepool surface, replace the sand filter. It (MORE)

What do you do if your pool has green algae and black algae spots?

If it is genuine 'black algae' it is very difficult to remove without emptying the pool and gouging the black algae out of the pool surface. Other algae can be removed by shocking the pool, filtering continuously and brushing walls while maintaining a good sanitizer level.

What causes black algae?

Black algae is often brought into swimming pools in swimming garment that have been in the sea.

How does black algae get in the pool?

There is no such thing as actual black algae. It is just a namegiven to crystallized green algae. Green algae that can notflourish will die and crystallize and try to grow again and againin the same spot forming those black buds. Usually you will getblack algae from keeping a constant level of chlor (MORE)

How can you kill algae in a fish pond?

Start of by scooping out as much as possible hen take care that you don't overfeed the fish as this will keep it going. as for actually killing it without killing the fish I don't know. If the fish pond isn't too big try replacing a large proportion of the water. Get some fish that like to eat tha (MORE)

Is black algae in a swimming pool dangerous?

\n. \n Black Algae \n. \nYes, indirectly.\n. \nCommon pool algae are not directly harmful, but algae convert sunlight into food and release waste products that can feed harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms.\n. \nBlack algae can be quite difficult to eliminate, particularly in plaster p (MORE)

Black Algae in fish tank?

Black Algae in a fish tank isn't actually algae at all. It is bacteria protein called cyanobacteria. If your asking how to rid your tank of this, the first thing you'll want to do is test your water for nitrates and phosphates. Generally this is a major factor in the growth of the bacteria. Scrub th (MORE)

What is black algae?

There is no such thing as actual black algae. It is just a name given to crystallized green algae. Green algae that can not flourish will die and crystallize and try to grow again and again in the same spot forming those black buds. Usually you will get black algae from keeping a constant level of c (MORE)

How do you know if you have black algae?

Black algae are tiny black hard dots on the plaster. They have a crust that must be broken for treatment to be effective. You can get a special wire bristle brush to attach to your tele pole that will help scrape them loose. The will travel by any means possible (even by wind) so be careful to c (MORE)

How do you kill algae in a small goldfish pond?

You should really get a algae eater. Some of the alge killers are harmful to the fish. it really depends on what type of algae. if its green water algae then use and algicide which you can purchase from aquariums. if it's filament algae then get some snail or algae eating fish. the quickest soluti (MORE)

Bleach kill algae?

Bleach will kill algae, but mix it with water first. it will also burn your skin

Can algae kill fish?

yes because if a fish is in algae too long the algae can get in its gills and block its air ways

How much bleach to kill algae?

Im currently waging war on the algae in my pond. I have a 75 gallon plastic lined in ground and was unsure how much bleach I need to add. 1 day I have a beautiful and clear pond... The next day Im looking at the Okefenokee swamp. Please help. Tennis and pond elbow

Can saltwater kill algae in a pool Or chlorine can kill algae in a pool Please help?

Salt water pools are chlorine pools it just that the chlorine is electronically made from the salt. Salt water pools have problems with algae the same as just freshwater chlorine pools. If you are lucky you may be able to nip algae in the but by over chlorinating but more often then not you would be (MORE)

Will shock kill algae?

Yes. This is a potent chemical. It will kill the algae and turn it brown. Hope you have a good filtration system to filter all the brown out.

How do you kill algae in an aquarium?

I hate algae, too. Period. (lol). So....last week I wrote an article b/c I used to have a BIG problem with algae overgrowth in my aquarium. It is a Step-by-Step, easy guide on how to get rid of the nasty, slimey stuff. My aquarium is now crystal clear, due to following the expert advice of other ta (MORE)

Can you kill algae by just using algaecide?

In a simple answer to your question, "No, at least not in my experience.". I wrote an article b/c I used to have a BIG problem with algae overgrowth in my aquarium. It is a Step-by-Step, easy guide on how to get rid of the nasty, slimey stuff. My aquarium is now crystal clear, due to following the (MORE)

Will vinegar kill algae?

I don't know yet but I am doing a science fair project on ways to kill algae and I'll keep you posted. Garrett Glover

How do you kill algae in a koi pond?

\nIn a pond, there is no possible way of keeping an algae-free pond with fish in it. You can choose one or the other- A pond with fish and some algae or a pond with no algae and no fish. The chemicals needed to kill ALL algae would kill the fish. I have a pond with around 20 koi. I use Green Clean. (MORE)

How do you kill algae in shower and on roof shingles?

I'm not to sure but you could replace all the roofing with new shingles dark enough to disguise the staining, or with shingles laced with copper granules, which are lethal to algae. But that would only make sense if the shingles were worn out.. To keep the algae from coming back, insert 6-inch-wide (MORE)

Will muriatic acid kill algae?

No. It takes chorine or non-chlorine shock to kill algae. An algaecide is usually used in conjunction with shock to kill algae.

What to do with black algae spots in pool?

had the same problem . if you have a liner and it is on the underside of the liner what i did was take a block of cloriene and put it in a sock and put the sock on top of the black mold. let it sit for a few days then remove

How does chlorine kill algae?

Chlorine kills bacteria and other single-celled algae by a chemical action called oxidation, which is sort of like burning by acid.

Does algae kill crayfish?

Cray fish live in an environment where there are many types of algae without any bad effect however there are certain types of algae that can kill the creatures that come in contact with them either because they are toxic or because there is too much of it.

Why does algae kill fish in the river?

Basically this type of fish kill is caused by nature not being able to contend with mans input. Usually caused by soil or fertiliser run off from farms, excess nutrients get into the water ways/lakes etc. Then nature tries to use up these excess nutrients in the only way it can and that is by the gr (MORE)

Will baking soda kill algae?

Most likely not, It is made up of bicarbonate which the algae can use as a carbon source. So adding baking soda will most likely increase algal growth.

Will green hair algae kill corals?

In, the hair algae doesnt kill corals, what does kill the coral is hair algae growing profusely next to it preventing the coral extending its polyps and getting sun light. Algae can cover the 'mat' of some species of coral such as xenia and star polyps also preventing the polyps from ex (MORE)

How do you get black algae?

It can come from many places. Algae spores can be carried in the air to just about any where. It likes to grow in damp places like between bathroom tiles for example or badly drained roof guttering. It is also possible to introduce it into a pool by wearing the swimwear that was worn at the beach.

What is best to kill algae in small lake?

The best way to kill algae in lakes is to keep it clean and use less of the fret-sawer in lakes. The lakes are dying because of the algae in the water , the algae is becoming a BIG PROBLEM that needs to be solved.

Is black algae harmful to goldfish?

Yes. It can seriously harm a goldfishes intestines if eaten and can cause fatal diseases to their brain or stomach if its fumes were inhaled. Green Algae is OK for fishes to be around but if excessive algae grows in tank then it could, too, be fatal.

Can you kill algae by drying it out?

I don't think you can. I mean, it would die, but it would just be all dried out and gross. If there's algae in your pool, you should get pool cleaner. Only use bleach as a last resort because it will dissolve your pool lining. (1 gallon)

Can pullotion kill green algae?

No, pollution of the water is what causes the green algae. When extra nutrients such as pesticides, runoff, & human/animal waste are added to the water, it in a matter of speaking, makes the algae go nuts. The algae starts to grow in vast, huge amounts. The algae clouds the top of the water, blockin (MORE)

How do you get rid of black algae on a fiberglass pool?

Algecide Gel You'll have to empty the pool. Scrub and clean the pool and make sure the sand filter is up to par. Then, refill the pool and use the proper chemicals. In my subdivision, an inexperienced pool guy managed the chemicals badly during hot weather. Make sure you are using the proper meth (MORE)

How do you kill bees in a roof?

Don't kill them, if they are bees they are important pollinator animals and they make honey. I know the roof is not a place where they should be but rather than killing them call your local bee keeper and he will come and remove them alive for you.

What chemicals kill algae in pools?

Chlorine - you can buy "pool shock" at Walmart, pool specialty stores, or maybe even Menards. After a couple days of "shocking" a pool, though, any algae with die and turn brown, meaning you'll probably have to scrub the walls and floors of your liner and filter out the dead stuff. Also, my underst (MORE)

How do you cure black algae in your pool?

There are many different products designed to remove black algae from your pool. A good strong dose of pool chlorine will relieve the problem most of the time. Chlorine will naturally dissipate into the air and is removed from the pool by sunlight. You will need to stay out of the pool for a day or (MORE)

Does chlorine bleach kill alga bloom?

Chlorine bleach kills all microorganisms. It rapidly oxidizes thecell membrane and other biochemicals needed for their survival. Ofcourse a large enough quantity must be used.