How do you kill the octuptarra droid on Star Wars the clone wars Republic heroes the wii game?

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Use the force to hold its legs down, go in front of the leg and jump. Then jump to the laser turrent and cut it off with your lightsaber.

If your a clone trooper fire multiple times on it directly. If you have a missile launcher then fire the missile two or three times towards its red sensory eyes.
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Can you be clones in Star Wars Republic Heros?

Yes. There are a handful of levels in which you play as clones only. But there are more Jedi levels than clone levels. There are 2 levels in which the story requires you to pl

How do you kill the tall droid on Star Wars republic heros?

At the beginning? Use the Force to keep his leg stuck for awhile. Then jump onto the stuck leg (I think there's a green circle on the spot where you should be), then walk up i

How do you defeat the droid on the first level of Star Wars clone wars republic heros?

The large droid that tries to squish you? When it tries to step on you, use the Force to keep its leg stuck. Then, a blue circle should appear on its leg. That's where you nee

How do you beat the giant droid in Star Wars the clone wars rupublic heros wii?

If you mean the big droid in the first level, it's very easy. When the droid's foot becomes stuck, when in the right place, repeatedley press the Z button until the foot goes

How do you bring down the spider droid in star wars the clone wars republic heros?

If you mean the really huge droid in the first level, well first of all it is not a spider droid. It is called an octuptarra droid. Second, in order to bring it down, it's ver
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How do you put the cheats on Star Wars the clone wars republic heroes for wii?

Well in the game, you can purchase cheats by earning points either by destroying droids or by collecting blue orbs around the area. But you can only have one cheat active at a
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What do all star wars the clone wars republic heroes droid dances look like?

Each different droid has a different dance. When you jump onto the droid, (if you have the Wii version), press C and all the droids in the area closeby will start dancing. And