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Remember: You can generally only catch HIV by having unprotected sex with some who has it or by sharing needles with that person.

The only way to find out is to take an HIV test. Go to a free clinic or a doctor. HIV will not show its symptoms until AIDS but HIV can be detected through the detection of our HIV antibody counts which new tests can detect as soon as two weeks after exposure. However, HIV can take up to 3 months before the test can be found positive.
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How you know if someone is HIV positive?

You mean positive with hiv. Very simple. Get him tested before you have sex! Isn't that simple enough? If he refuses then he doesn't deserve your body

What is HIV and how do you get it?

HIV is a virus . Its full name is HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS . It attacks people through blood , semen and breast milk .

How do you get for Hiv?

HIV is found in specific human body fluids. If any of those fluids enter your body, you can become infected with HIV.

How do you get HIVs?

You get it by unprotected sex, breastfeeding, or blood transfusions

How a person knows he or she got HIV?

Have an HIV antibody test anytime 8 weeks or after, post your last exposure to know your status. That is my friend the ONLY way to know

How do you know if you got aids or hiv?

Rapid, unexplained, weight loss  * Dry cough  * Recurring fever or profuse night sweats  * Profound and unexplained fatigue  * Swollen lymph glands in the armpits, groin o

How do you know you have HIV without taking the HIV test?

    Unfortunately, there is no sure way to know for sure you have the virus without getting tested. A few weeks after exposure, some people develop flu like symptoms

How long do it take for you to know if you have HIV?

  Well HIV is known as the "Silent Killer" and for a reason. Some people don't show any symptoms at all! But usually give or take 6 months to show the first symptom like a

How long can someone have HIV without knowing?

Years. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, but the symptoms may lie dormant for years, during which time the infected person may pass the virus on to others unknowingly.

How can a person have HIV without knowing it?

This is simple - HIV infection tends to be asymptomatic for several years. When there are clinical signs of the original infection, they tend to be non-specific (fever, malais

How Do You Get HIV?

1. Through sex  2. Through needles  3. Through breast milk No; HIV is transmitted via sharing of needles, blood, breast milk, joint and spinal fluids.

How do you know if someone has HIV?

You don't. Neither you nor the person with the virus knows that the person has HIV unless that person takes a blood test. That blood test does not generally show any indicatio

How long can you have HIV without knowing?

You will never know unless you test. If you are asking if how long can HIV be cure and how to know it. The answer is it depends on the time and the effort of curing your dise