How do you know if you love someone?

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It is the person you smile about every time you think about them. The way you sometimes can't breathe when you're around that person. Your heart pounds while talking to him/her and you still get nervous when you call him/her on the phone. You say things not because he or she wants to hear them but because you mean them. You will go out of your way to make him/her happy. You think him/her still looks amazing even when they just wake up in the morning. You can't stop thinking about him/her and you would rather die than not have them be a part of your life. You can also tell if you haven't held hands yet, that you really want to or you haven't kissed yet, you can tell if you want to kiss. If your a girl reading this, just go for it, who cares what other people think, he's all yours, no one can take that away from you. If your a guy reading this then, grab your guts and yank em' out cause girls like confident, strong, strong-hearted men, so just tell her.
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How do you know when someone you love is tired of you?

Answer . \nOnly you can put this problem into perspective and here is some reasons why a man may appear tired:\n. \nWorking shift work\nWorking more than one job\nDepressed\nProblems within his family\nUnsettled feelings in himself\nHis age\nNeeds a holiday badly\n. \nI could go on and on, but (MORE)

How do you know if you really love someone or not?

Answer . \nDoes your heart beat harder,do you get butterflies in your stomach,when you picture them in your mind do you smile.When you hold hands are you happy.Do you miss them when they are at work,do you long just to hear their voice.Do you like doing things for them.When you kiss do you have a (MORE)

How do you know if someone loves you?

Main Answer: Love is when you care about someone more than you care about yourself. So the best way to find out, if you trust them, is to ask them. Otherwise just watch how they treat you and decide for yourself. But if you catch them staring at you sometimes, and they look away awkwardly whenever (MORE)

How do you know someone loves you?

If you are asking this question, then you are doubting, and that's not a very good sign... You know someone loves you when they do things they dislike, or sacrifices, just to make you happy, even if they are unhappy... when you know, you know... but you definetly shouldn't ask others cause we all lo (MORE)

How do you know when you love someone?

Answer . Everyone feels different but we all feel a little special when in love. When you love someone you will know by the way you feel towards them and the way they make you feel.

How do you know when someone loves you?

You know that someone loves you when you look into their eyes and they light up. When you can just hold each other for thirty minutes straight without talking, without looking at each other, without kissing... just holding each other without an ounce of selfishness. If they love you, it shouldn't ma (MORE)

How do you know love someone?

I believe you know you love someone when you look into their eyes, and you see all the reasons why you love them. When you are willing to do anything for them, and feel no pressure on either side. When you can look at them and realize, how special they are and how they are a perfect puzzle-piece mat (MORE)

How do you know when someone truly loves you?

There is no certain way to love someone, you just fall deeply and it is amazing. Some people get nervous in the pit of your stomach, and some people blush. But if you are that sereous about them, nothing can stand in your way, but yourself. Maybe even talk to them about it? Yea?

How will You know if someone Loves You?

they will show it not like slapping your butt or making out but he/she will always want to be with you they will tell you they do they couldn't be without you for like 10 minutes with out texting you or messageing on facebook emailing you and if you love them you will know it trust me i have an amaz (MORE)

How do you know that someone loves us?

First, there are different kinds of love. Second, depending on the kind of relationship, there can be a difference in love. Parental Love: . Parents will "go to the ends of the earth" for their child, except when the child repeatedly plays at the edge of a known cliff. That's called tough love (MORE)

If you love someone how do you know if they love you?

It's visible in their eyes...the way they look at you...They'll treat you more special than others... They'll be protective of you... They'll find a reason to call you every day... Try hinting them very subtly sometime...if the hint is reciprocated, they love you too... You'll just know...:) LOV (MORE)

How do you know whether you love someone?

close your eyes and see if that persons image appears in front ofyou but it's not always about what you see it's also about yourrelationship if you think it's going well and you feel loved buythat person more than before than I guess you know you love or ifyou see him in almost all your dreams, see (MORE)

How would you know if someone is in love with you?

when that someone tries her/his best to always cheer you up. Trying to always be with you. Trying to know you and you knowing her/him. Always blushes and sometimes just say random sweet things to you. Always smile at you.

How do you know when you stop loving someone?

its a hard process but its easy to determen when u stop loving someone,you wont see them the same was you used to, everything they do bothers you, you start to talk to others about the stuff y'all have Ben through, you find Ur self interested in others, kissing wont have that magic spark, making lov (MORE)

How do you know someone has fallen in love with you?

Judging by my experiences, simply, if they stare at you a lot. That's a big sign. But watch them as they care for you. Do they seem to listen to you and respect you? Do they smile when they are with you? Pay attention to the small signs! :) good luck!

How do you know when someone is truly in love with you?

there is never any way to be truly 100% certain, the only way you can known is if they tell you. there are signs; looks etc, but these can sometimes be misconstrued as attraction, friendship, not necessarily love. all you can do is wait for them to tell you or ask them

How do know when someone loves you?

well they always look at you when you laugh or smile, they look to see if you are looking at them alot, and if your at the same table, drop your spoon, fork or knife on purpose, go to get it and look to see if their legs are facing you,

How do you know if someone is the love of your life?

when u know that the love of your life is with u is when u get butterflies when ever you see them. You always wish that he/she was there. when a person touches u and you feel the sparkle. when you know your heart is set. that is when you know ou've found the love of your life when that person makes (MORE)

How do you know someone who loves you?

If you want to know if someone loves you they would proberly act shy around you but what some people would do is take the chance to talk to them because,some people are shy at those kind of things.Hope this answers your question!

How do you know if someone doesn't love you?

They will begin to act differently, examples... . Ignoring you. . Not inserting smiley faces in texts. . Not calling you as much. . Being suspicious. . Avoiding you. . Talking to his/her friends a lot more. . Not showing a lot of affection. . Being distant. . Not answering your questions (MORE)

How do you know you really love someone?

How do you feel when you think about this person, do they make you happy, when they make you upset do you forgive them unconditionally. You can't really tell if you really love someone, but what you can tell is how you feel toward them. Just ask yourself how do you feel for that person.

What should you do when you love someone but he does not know?

well, it depends how close you two are. If you've been friends for a while, it will be easier to tell them. If you have just been acknowledging each other, it will probably be harder for you to tell them and it will shock them more. The best way to tell them is to (the in-person way) get them alone (MORE)

How do you know when someone is not in love with you anymore?

You know when someone is not in love with you anymore when things begin to lose their passion and interest usual signs might be their in appreciation for things, disinterest of things and the feeling as if things aren't the same as it use to be.

If you love someone how do you know?

I'm not big with all of the relationship stuff, but when you love someone you'll know. You get a special feeling around them and you just know it's something you want to be around all the time. Once i fancied a person for 3 years and he finally asked me out and i knew it wasn't fancy anymore, it was (MORE)

How do you know if someones in love with you?

you can tell if someone looks at you in certain ways or if he /she is agirl she would probably giggle alot when near you or if even if you talk to her in any way.the best thing to do is to find out if she doesnt like anyone else or is going out with antone else .if she /he isn't ask he /her to go ou (MORE)

How you know someone loves you?

Waiting a certain period of time you can tell if someone really loves you. But sometimes the feeling of love comes not at once but progressively as both feel happy themselves on being together.

How do you know that you are really in love with someone?

When that person walks by, you will get chills and goosebumps up your arms. Everytime you are about to talk to that person, you get nervous and stammer your words. YOur heart will start racing when your eyes meet. You will giggle a lot when they talk to you. You will smile all the time when you are (MORE)

How do you know if you love someone or in love?

How to tell if you are in love? Only one person can answer that question & that person is you, but I will tell how it feels like to be in love, from what I have experienced. First, he will make you smile by doing just the simplest things like, saying your name, seeing his smile, or just by by simply (MORE)

How can you know that someone loves you?

This may sound crazy, but you can just tell. You know they love you if you have that perfect feeling around them where you feel special around them and they also feel special around you and when they say they love you, you know they mean it.

How can you in love with someone you don't know?

You can't. A very simple answer to this is that you are simply attracted to their looks. 'Beauty is what is on the inside, not the out" a very famous saying, a very true saying but too over rated. Beauty is both together. My dad always says that you can't just love someone you have to know everythin (MORE)

How do know if you love someone?

well its different 4 every1 because 4 me when i hold the 1 i love i get a wierd but good feeling and it also feels like its just us 2 and no 1 else and nothing can hurt and/or touch us. You know when you need them. When you see them and it makes you feel good, when they are with you you are happy a (MORE)

How can you know someone love you?

you don't know but your heart will can feel it if that someone loves you...just because someone tells you they love you over a thousand times doesn't always mean they love you...but if someone loves you they will show it to you without speaking a word.

How do you you know you love someone?

The way you know is just the way you feel. It's the best feeling in the world. You care what you do around them. When they talk to you don't want to give the wrong answer. You feel a need to be perfect, and just for them nobody else.

I love someone but he doesn't know?

well you could start with just hanging around that person more and starting to know them better if you already do that then just try to let it out a little bit more each day

You love someone and she know this but she is committed?

death is the answer and the only peace no that is completely wrong don't kill her or yourself. if you mean she is committed to her bf then let her be. Philosophy, they will break up eventually. if she knows you love her, then she will come to you to be with you after the break up.

Why do you love someone you dont know?

you think that person is hot and want to date her so go up to her and ask her to be friends and then you spend allot of time with her and when you think you are Right for each other ask to be boyfriend and girlfriend

How do you know when someone is in love?

If it's yourself, you get butterflies and nervous every time that you see that person. You will not want to be far from them at any time, and you just feel funny inside. You will know.

Do you have to get to know someone before you can love them?

Usually unless it is "puppy-Love" or because you are lonely and looking for someone to fill a need in your life. Sexual attraction also fits into the "puppy-Love" category. To really LOVE someone, you need to have an understanding of who they are, not just physically, but mentally, spiritually, and (MORE)

How do you know by someones reaction that he or she is in love?

Blushing, overly sensitive and concerned when they are hurt, says no, no, no I'm not in love. These are signs of infatuation. Indications that someone is in love is a much better attitude than usual; talks too much about their special someone; begins to make all decisions to include the feelings a (MORE)

How exactly do you know that you love someone?

You will be the only one that could know the anwser to that question. I am in love and I know it because I have never felt like this for any other guy I get this butterfly feeling everytime I think of him and as wierd as it is I have to go to the washroom everytime I think about him too. But I dont (MORE)