How do you learn French easily?

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Ok this sounds odd, but my french teacher said if you want to learn french, WATCH FRENCH TV, it will help with studying, also study french, but you can learn how to SPEAK well by watching the tv, good luck!
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How do you learn things easily in school?

I learn things easily in school by many things .. First .. When the teacher teach as I have to try to dont do anythings only I have to listen to the teacher . Second .

How do you learn Spanish easily?

The easiest way to learn Spanish if to live with an all Spanish-speaking family, in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood for at least a month. I believe you'll learn at least the b

How can you learn to do splits easily?

All that you have to do is practice everyday. Push yourself and hold it there until you relax your legs, because then you know that your muscles have been stretched that far s

How do you learn vibrato easily on the violin?

Learn Vibrato Easily... these are words that just don't go together. Vibrato is an advanced technique and it can take years to master. You can start with various exercise

How do you learn a language easily?

You don't, learning a language is not "easy" no matter what you do. If you study every day it will be "easier" though. But using Rosetta stone products is the best way to le

How can you learn easily about regedit?

There are a number of tutorials on the web teaching about the registry. It is suggested that only advanced users edit the registry. Included are a few links below to get you s

How can you learn algebra easily?

I know this may seem cliche, but practice. Trust me, I practice a lot, and it helps. I got a perfect score on my Algebra exam in seventh grade because I practiced.

How can you learn Chinese easily?

Your best bet is to either get a computer software that teaches it to you (eg. Rosetta Stone), or a very experienced mentor.

How do you learn a poem by heart easily?

For this question I have provided two methods. METHOD 1: Read the first line of the poem twice, and try as hard as you can to remember it. Then, close your eyes and try
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How do you learn lines in a play easily?

Take it one step at a time. Leave yourself plenty of time to rehearse and practice every day. It helps to practice before you go to bed, because scientists have proven this he