How do you listen to live police scanner on my Android phone?

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The closest you can get is an app that allows you to listen to recordings of police,fire and other services from around the world. I had it, and it works best over wifi with broadband.

If I remember correctly, it's illegal to listen in live on emergacy stations as a citizen.
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Can you pick up cell phone conversations with your police scanner?

you cant. doing so requires special equipment more advanced than a police scanner. police in some areas use cell phones over their radio for privacy issues. for example if pol

How do i listen to police scanners online?

There are lots of places to listen to scanners online. You won't be able to hear lots of big cities, due to Digital Frequencies, but you can listen to Countiy, and township ca

Want to listen to police scanner live?

If you want to listen to police scanners for free, download free online scanner from the link below. This program is free, therefore you can't control the scanner but you ca

What websites can you listen to local live police scanners with?

Not all police agencies convert their radio traffic to internet broadcast form. Police radio transmission are broadcast over the air waves and a scanning receiver is needed to

Is listening to police scanners illegal?

in most places its only illegal if you do it while driving in a car. Added: . . . and if you use the scanner to aid or abet you in the commission of the offense, or to elud

How can you listen to local police scanner?

There are scanners that can allow the average person to listen to police calls, but they may be somewhat hard to find. Many years ago, the "police band" was 1650 to 1750 kHz,

Where can you get a police scanner?

You can buy radio scanners through retail outlets like Radio Shack, or online through companies like ScannerMaster (see attached link). Scanners aren't as useful as they used