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How do you listen to the TV over the radio like at the gym- I want to watch TV from my treadmill at home but listen to it through my headphones?

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Plug in the headphones?
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How can you listen to TV in Spanish?

Answer . Some stations are in Spanish depending on what part of "the States" in which you live. The most common are Telemundo and Univision.. Also your TV may be equipped

Is listening to music better than watching tv?

This question could be answered differently depending on what you are looking for. Environment-wise, most music players consume much less energy than TVs, so if you're look

Can Jehovah Witnesses listen to music and watch TV?

ANSWER Yes, we are just like anybody else. Choices in music, movies, TV, are all a matter of individual tastes. At the same time, we realize that our choices can influence ou

Can you watch TV through Apple TV?

Yes, you can watch TV shows through apple tv, however you currently cannot watch live shows.

When i plug my headphones into my TV no sound comes out of my headphones but they still come out of my tv speakers. I want to use my headphones to listen to sound from my Ps3.?

a mess up in the headphone? you may need a new tv or new headphones The headphone jack in the TV are switched so that the TV's speakers are turned off when you plug in the