How do you load an unload a Remington Woodsmaster Model 740 30-06?

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The Remington Model 740 is a magazine fed rifle. The magazine is removed by pushing on the small lever which is on the bottom of the magazine and pulling the magazine straight down. Four rounds of ammunition are loaded into the magazine and the magazine replaced in the rifle. Pull the forearm of the rifle back and push it forward to chamber a round.
Beware: The 30-06 round packs considerable punch when fired in such a light rifle. Recoil should be seriously considered.
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How does one remove the bolt from the breech of a Remington model 740 Woodmaster?

Answer . \nRemoving the bolt handle is a bit involved. If you slide the ejection port dust cover back and forth slightly until the cut-out on the top of the dust cover is over the bolt handle top you will see the end of a pin. This pin holds the bolt handle in place in the bolt. Unless you have (MORE)

How do you load and unload a chairlift safely?

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What is the value of a Remington Woodsmaster model 742 in excellent condition?

Recently, in my area, where the seller is voluntarily selling and the buyer is voluntarily buying ... and etc. Rifles with long actions bring around $500 in excellent condition. Short actions bring slightly less (less popular). Carbines bring slightly more. Older rifles and carbines bring slightly m (MORE)

How do you disassemble a Remington Woods master Model 740 30-06 semi auto?

Remove the magazine and cycle the action. Put safety "on-safe". Drift out the two crosspins in the receiver. Move trigger group forward, down and out. This assembly can be cleaned as a group with aerosols such as Gun Scrubber. Remove the large bolt in the front of the forend, then the forend can (MORE)

What is the value of a Remington woodmaster 30-06 model 742?

Condition is EVERYTHING with 742's. Have you tried checking sites (like, Gunbroker, or AuctionArms) to find one similar to yours?. Condition:. Today (5/09/2009) one in 100% condition (ie: unfired with NO dings, scratches, rust, or blemishes) should bring at least $820, but VERY few are 10 (MORE)

How is a Remington model 24 loaded and what is it worth?

What condition is it in? Have you tried checking the auctions sites or doing a web search to find one similar to yours? Vale can run from 200-500.. To load it you look at the butt of the rifle, there is a knob that you twist and pull. Look @1/2 way up the right side of the stock. Pull the plunger o (MORE)

How do you get the bullets unloaded from an inherited Model 925 38 SW handgun that is loaded with bullets?

I think you have a Harrington and Richardson 925 in .38S&W. It is a top break revolver.. KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM THE TRIGGER WHILE YOU DO THIS.. In a top break revolver, the frame is hinged at the bottom front of the cylinder. Releasing the lock, (should be at the top of the frame - might requ (MORE)

Why Remington Woodsmaster 30-06 jamming?

You can't shoot reloads in the 742 or it will jam. My guess is they expand just enough to jam. When I first got mine 18 years ago I had the same problem. Since then I only shoot with new shells.

Can a magazine latch from a later model Remington rifle be substituted for the original from a Remington 740?

If you are referring to the magazine latch style from the Remington Model 7400, yes it can be used on the Remington Model 740, but you'll also need to use the spring that goes with the newer style. These latches (newer style) are available in varying heights numbering from 0 thru 5 so you'll need to (MORE)

How do you load and unload a glenfield model 778?

Underneath the action just ahead of the trigger guard is the loading gate. The shells are pushed into the tube until the tube is loaded. Once 2 (two) shells are in the tube, press the slide release located just ahead of the trigger guard and to the rear of the loading area rearward and rack the slid (MORE)

Remington model 740?

depending on what you want to know the Remington model740 is the previous model b4 the Remington 742 they were chambered in many calibers for deer hunting and had a 5 rd clip

What is a Remington woodsmaster 750?

The Woodsmaster 750 is Remington's gas-operated, semi-automatic action, center-fire rifle. It comes fitted with either a walnut or synthetic stock, a detachable magazine, 18.5" or 22" barrel with iron sights (the receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mount). It is available in the following calib (MORE)

How much is a Remington model 4 30-06 worth?

i had a model four 30-06 i bought it new in 1984? for 319.99 someone was so kind to take it off my hands so i have been looking for a replacement and have only seen 2 since mine was stolen in 1991 and they were both new in box condition the first one i saw at a gun show in 2001-2002 for 495.00 the s (MORE)

How do you load it Remington Fieldmaster model 572?

Follow the instructions in the owner's manual. If you don't have one, go to Remington's web site and request one.. Follow the instructions in the owner's manual. If you don't have one, go to Remington's web site and request one.

How do you field strip a Remington model 742 30-06?

Loosen the forend screw and remove the forearm. Clean & lightly oil the operating slide, spring & gas piston. Push out the two trigger-guard pins and pull the trigger group out of the receiver. Clean & oil the trigger group & internal parts of the receiver. (DO NOT snap the hammer with the trigger (MORE)

Remington model 1903 30-06?

The U.S. Model 1903 Springfield Rifle replaced the Krag-Jorgensenand was the primary U.S. battle rifle until 1936. They are worthanywhere from $100 for one in poor shape to $500 or more inexcellent shape depending on the year of the rifle.

What do you mean by loading and unloading of compressor?

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What is value of Remington 280 model 742 woodsmaster serial number 7338040?

This is the canned answer to the general question "how much is my gun worth". There is no way that this can be determined via a description of the firearm because condition of the item is critical to its value. In addition, whether the gun is considered to be modern or antique will significantly a (MORE)

Where do you get Remington woodmaster 740 stocks?

The Remington Model 740 semi-automatic rifle has long been out-of-production. You may be able to find an original stock on one of the firearms auction sites, like Auction, or you might try ebay. Consider that the later model rifle stocks, like the 742, 7400 and 74 Express stocks will also f (MORE)

Why does your Remington woodsmaster 740 jam?

The 740 is a slide action rifle, so I assume that you operate the action smartly to promote proper function. What is the nature of the jam? 1) Spent cartridge not removed from the chamber - extractor system failure 2) Spent cartridge not tossed out of the rifle - ejector failure 3) Cartridge w (MORE)

Are there any recalls on 1980 Remington Woodsmaster 742?

There have never been any recalls on the Remington Model 742 that I'm aware of. The Remington 742 is now an obsolete model and was replaced with the Remington Model 7400. The bolt received an upgraded design along with the magazine catch/release. At one time Remington was offering a Model 7400 as a (MORE)