How do you look like wendall the walrus on animal crossing?

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You Cannot look like any of the other animals. You stay as a person. You can buy a hat and dress to dress up like an animal but you cannot be an animal. Sorry!
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What does a pacific walrus look like?

They are about 1 ton. (2000lbs) They are covered with wrinkly, blubbery skin. They have long ivory tusk sticking out of their mouth. They are very big and strong and can be da

What do walrus tusks look like?

They are long(can grow to 6 feet!)and white. Though sometimes their tusks can break in a fight. The tusks are actually teeth.

What does Sahara look like on Animal Crossing?

Sahara is a camel that has a backpack on her back. She will tell you that she has lost her map and will ask you to make deliverys for her. If you help her, depending on the to

What does a angelfish look like in Animal Crossing?

It's a small, rare fish that is worth 3,000 bells. It has black and white stripes (like a zebra) and its gills are sticking out. That's all I can explain about it really oh an
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How do chose what you look like on Animal Crossing?

On City Folk; the Wii version. You can make Mii character on the Wii and the go on City Folk. After, you visit the city and go to Harriette's Salon and she will do your face j
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How do you make wendal come in Animal Crossing?

He comes at completely random times, so there's no way to know for sure. Your neighbors might give you hints to when he is coming when they talk to you.