How do you machine polyurethane on lathe?

how do you machine polyurethane?
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What is swing on lathe machine?

The swing of a lathe describes the maximum diameter of an object that will clear of the bed of the machine when gripped in the chuck. For example, if the distance from the cen (MORE)

What is the objective of a lathe machine?

The objective of lathe machine is to remove extra material from the work-piece to make a desired shape with the help of specified tools.
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How does a lathe machine hold the workpiece?

There are various ways for a lathe to hold its workpiece. The workpiece could be held between centers from the spindle and tail stockIt could be gripped in a chuckA faceplate (MORE)

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What is facing operation at lathe machine?

facing is the proccess of reducing length of the work piece. it is done using cross slide. the tool is fed using the carriage.
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What is lathe machine?

  A lathe is a woodworking or metal working machine that rapidly turns the item to be lathed, A blade is then brought to the item in the case of wood a chisel can be used (MORE)

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