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How do you maintain academic honesty?

At Golden West College, in Huntington Beach, CA, they have certain rules to abide by, etc.

On that page, it describes what might be considered as academic honesty.

In my personal opinion, academic honesty is just simply:
1. Not Cheating! Show your skills for who you really are!
2. Try your hardest! No slacking! Just because you are tired, or bored, don't give up!
3. Try and Get Ahead; Stay ahead of the "pack" of students around you. Just because they are goofing off and not caring about their work doesn't mean that you have to do the same. You are your own person and you control your grades, and your life.

School might seem boring now, but later on in life (if you have done well in school), that is when the true fun begins. :)
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Is honesty an adjective?

No, honesty is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for adherence to moral principles; conformity to high standards of ethics (Honesty is the best policy.)The wor (MORE)

Example of honesty?

An example of honesty is when you cheat on your math test and when you get it back it has a big fat A on it and you tell the teacher you don't deserve it. You feel better afte (MORE)

What is academic honesty in higher learning?

Academic honesty in higher learning is an assignment from Phoenix University. I wish all the best in assembling your research. I would share with you what I found, but I don't (MORE)

Why Children Lie

Kids tell lies for a similar reason that grownups do. They usually do so to get social acceptance from their peers or to direct attention to themselves. They also will do it o (MORE)
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Is honesty a verb?

Honesty is a noun. There isnt really an active verb form of honest. You cant say: I "honested". However, you can say: I was honest. In this case, honest is an adjective and wa (MORE)

What is Upholding Academic Honesty?

  upholding academic honesty means to gather information that can be useful to you, and for social support. you need to try and generate positive energy to see yourself th (MORE)

What is the important of honesty?

so that people can trust you and it is better to be honest about something because you will find yourself in more trouble for lying
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What are the effects of honesty?

Some of the effects of honesty include the higher chance of being  trusted and the presence of harmony because there is less  suspicion. Honesty makes someone's words have m (MORE)