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How do you maintain your shape after gaving birth?

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This depends on how big is your child, but anyway when I was still single I always keep myself to 105 lbs. but when I got pregnant with my first baby, I gained weight which they told me it was only baby fat and it will go away slowly. But knowing how impatient I am, I continued my workout everyday, I do lap in the pool for half an hour, I ran for a mile every other day. Within 3 months all my baby fat was gone and even now I have 3 children I kept my weight to 105 lbs.
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What maintains the Earth's shape?

The major players include the Earth's gravity, and the forces behind the convection currents of the molten section of Earth's interior.

Why does the Sun maintain its size and shape?

From approximately 93 million miles away, relative size isdifficult to estimate utilizing only visual clues. This yellowdwarf (our Sun) is actually in about it's mid-life stag

What maintains the cell shape?

The thing that maintains the cell shape is the cell wall. Onlyplant cells have cell walls and not animal cells.

Maintains shape of eyeballs?

The vitreous humor in the posterior cavity of the eye allows it to maintain its shape.

What maintains the overall shape of a cell?

The cytoskeleton within the cytoplasm does. It is a cellular "scaffolding" or "skeleton" contained within the cytoplasm. The cytoskeleton is present in all cells; it was onc

How does the sun maintain its shape?

Gravity. Any object above a certain mass will maintain a more or less spherical shape, due to gravity.

What maintains the shape of the eyeballs?

The thick outer membrane of the eye is supported by fluid pressure inside the eyeball. The fluid is called the aqueous humor , and light entering the eyes passes through this

What maintains shape of plant cells?

The cell wall in a plant cell maintains the shape of the plant cell. It also supports and protects the cell. Animal cells do not consist of cell walls they only have a cell me
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How do hyenas maintain its shape?

Hyenas have backbones and muscles which helps them run very fast. Theur jaws help them bite very hard up to 1000 lbs, which is 40% more than a jaguar. Their front legs and fee
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How i gave birth?

If a person gave birth, they were more than likely pregnant for a period of nine months before they were ready to give birth to a child. Children can either be born naturally
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What gave earth its spherical shape?

A sphere is the easiest shape to form. Other shapes like cubes,triangular prisms, and or cylinders take more energy to make. Earthgot its shape from the constant rotation on i