How do you make a diamond for alt key?

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& #9774 ☮ peace sign

& #9834; ♪ music note

& #9775; ☯ yin & yang
& #9812; ♔ crown

& #9734; ☆ empty star
& #9733; ★ full star

& #3212; ಌ heart
& #9825; ♡ empty heart

& #9729; ☁ cloud
alt 4 is diamond ♦

& #9792; ♀ female symbol
remove the space or copy and paste
<3 on facebook is a black heart  get a life.. LOL jk, i needed to know this
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What are Alt Keys for?

They are used for advanced Dual key usage, For example on a windows PC you hold down the alt key and press the F4 key, the window that is on top will be closed. If you carry

How do you make letters with the alt key?

you can hold down alt, and then a series of numbers (this only works on the laptop while pressing "Fn"+Alt+ (example) 0223) but you can go like this ßû®Þ a

How do you make a star using the alt key?

★ copy and paste this. if you want more alt codes go to this website okay bye now =) . hold onto the ALT and press th

How do you make scissors with alt key?

This depents on the font set you are using. If you are using "Wingdings" you can hold the alt key, type "34", then release alt. I also recommend the Character Map program i

How do you make a solid star with the alt key?

I'm guessing that you're talking about holding the ALT key and tapping several numbers? Unfortunately, there is no solid star coded to do that. . What you're doing when you t

How do you use Alt keys to make math symbols?

Alt Code Symbol Description . Alt 48 - 57. 0 - 9. zero to nine. Alt Codes for Basic Operators Alt Code Symbol Description . Alt 43. +. Plus Sign. Alt 45. -