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How do you make a model pyramid out of cardboard?

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make a square base, and 4 triangles of certain lengths so that all spaces are covered and also make sure that the triangles have the same angles in every corner.
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Can you make a tv out of a cardboard box?

well yeah you can make a pretend t.v that little kids can have fun with here are some links that will help http://www.education.com/activity/article/Cardboard_Box/ http:

How many matches make a skeletal model of a square pyramid?

12. four sticks for the floor. four for the roof and four pillars * * * * * Wrong. The above answer is for a square based prism. The correct answer is 8.

How do you make an ouija board out of cardboard?

first you draw a sun to the top-left corner, and a C shaped moon to the top-right corner  then in the middle you Draw the letters A-M. slightly curved. under that you write t

Can you make paper mache with cardboard?

The cardboard would be best used as the form to put the paper mache over. Cardboard itself (instead of using newspaper) is too heavy, unless you can strip off the layers and

How do you make a model pyramid?

Make triangles (same length on all 3 sides), make 4 triangles and attach them, If you use paper, cardboard, or posterboard, you can lay them flat on a table and butt edges tog

How do you make a hamsters cage out of cardboard?

You DON'T .... unless you are waiting for them to be running around your house or worse..... get stuck IN the hole they chew thru it trying to get out....... Any other quest

How do you make a model food pyramid for homework?

to make a model of a food pyramid take a cardboard and cut it in 3 triangles and then make a triangle shape with those triangles,then go to the web and search pic of food pyra

How do you make cardboard fairy wings?

Pick a colour carboard that you want your wing to be.Then cut it in a fairy wing shape.Then you can put anything on it.Now,you pick a top that you want to stick your fairy win
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How do you make a model pyramid out of LEGO's?

  You make the base from large legos and do four or six sides. Then you fill in the middle section with legos. Once you have done that you can start the second layer doing

How do you make a cardboard coffin or casket?

You can make a cardboard coffin or casket using a leftover  refrigerator box. Just cut the sides of the box down to create a  smaller box and then paint the box to look like

How to make a model of a pyramid?

You can make a pyramid out of practically anything 4rm cardboard to styrifome to even wood or metal. It is simple just cut out 4 trianlges with the same length and width. Then
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How can one make a robot out of cardboard?

One can make a robot out of cardboard quite easily with old boxes and a few household items including empty wrapping paper tube, several mini and 1 large empty boxes of cereal