How do you make a paper omnitrix?

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Get any bottle lid and 1 A4 sheet of black paper and an A4 sheet of light green paper and a sheet of A4 Yellow paper and tape.

Cover the lid in black paper and measure your arm width and cover your arm with the measured paper and tape it shut. Tape the covered carton lid to the measured piece of paper. Cut an cut an sand timer shape out of the green and tape it to the lid. Put 4 strips of yellow paper in diagonal lines from the lid. Cut out 4 buttons from green paper and stick them between each yellow line
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Is the omnitrix real?

It's real in the sense that there's a toy of that name that you can buy. It doesn't actually do the things the fictional one in the cartoon does, though; it just blinks and makes noises.

How do you make the omnitrix?

Get I big watch a power source get animal DNA and place it inside a round thick thing that's hollow add a tube that's attached to your body power it up and try it

Is there a real omnitrix?

There could be like in 50 years when they find the DNA of aliens and put a needle into your body and the DNA could change!!! P.S. your bones cannot grow EDIT.. by zZJoennZz Unless if you came to other planet and talk to aliens, study the alien life and get some DNA from them and learn alien (MORE)

Does the omnitrix exist?

no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. they do not exist because there cant be a watch that turns u untu 10 aliens. dont belive others who say that is real cause there tring to trick you. not even sientists found any thing about the "Omnitrix" Ben 10 is not true as well.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you get the real omnitrix?

Sorry, you can't.but if you think hard enough you can become a greymatter and create the omnitrix yourself. here is some things you should study about 1.aliens 2.DNA 4.transformation 5.powers 6.elements this goes forever guys Next bit Bu (MORE)

How to make a real omnitrix?

There is no real omntrix it's a cartoon. Just buy a toy one. If there was a real omnitrix wouldn't it hurt you when you put it on it would have needles sticking into your DNA which will not change you at all it will only probably change your voice or change the colour of your eyes but honestly i (MORE)

How does the omnitrix work?

The user, (you), selects an alien drom the dial display and presses the dial down. When (alien) is selected, the omnimatrix emits (sends out) an energy signil that is sent to the planet PRIMUS, where the Codon Stream, (the stream where all 1,000,910 alien DNA samples are stored.) The selected alien' (MORE)

What is an Omnitrix?

an omnitrix is a device which stores dna samples. it is like a wristwatch which can turn you into an alien for 10 minutes. it is fictional and does NOT.

How do you get omnitrix?

do you mean in fusionfall or for real becuz it's not real, it's a cartoon and the movies of ben10, they use a fake toy for the omnitrix.

Who has an omnitrix?

The Omnimatrix or famously known as the Omnitrix, resembles a wristwatch that holds millions of alien forms that allows its owner tochange into another alien specie. It is featured in Ben 10.

How many omnitrix are there?

The Omnitrix is a fictional gadget from the animated children'sshow Ben 10. There are only two versions of the Omnitrix.

What are the parts of the Omnitrix?

well this thing was built by aliens so we first need all the alien technology there is.the omnitrix can turn you into aliens so you also need alien DNA.if you are gonna turn into an alien you also need something that will make alien DNA never end inside the omnitrix,ingect DNA without being killed, (MORE)

What can you make with paper?

you can make a paper aeroplane. get a sheet of paper. Fold the top two corners at a point, this should make two little triangles. then fold the sheet in half - length ways and fold back the sides. You can adjust the aeroplane and make it your own. you can make better ones that fly better but this on (MORE)

Is there a replica omnitrix?

Not an eacact replica that I know of but I find the legacy omnitrix to be cooler because you can create your own you might want to look into that

Where can you buy an omnitrix?

Of course there is no real omnitrix but you can get the omnitrix fx watch with sound from toymaster, argos and most good toy shops.

How do you do make a Ben10 Alien Force omnitrix?

Creating an Omnitrix is no easy task, but I shall try to explain it as simply as I can.. =You Will Need=. Bisynthium Alloy (about a kilogram) . Sand . Glass furnace . Twenty LED lights . Artificially stabilized stem cells . At least ten extraterrestrial DNA samples of your choice . 14Ci Galv (MORE)

How do you make an Omnitrix?

The Omnitrix is a device from a Ben 10 cartoon. It is a watch-like device that lets Ben turn into aliens. While you wouldn't be able to make an Omnitrix that actually works, you would most definitely be able to make a pretend one. You can make one using construction paper, glue and tape, or you can (MORE)

How the omnitrix is made?

The original Omnitrix was made by Azmuth. It was created to be atool of peace. The Omnitrix is a watch-like device that attached tothe wrist of Ben Tennyson. It is used to store the DNA of manydifferent life-forms to preserve them in the chance that any of thelife-forms were to go extinct. The origi (MORE)

How can you get a real omnitrix?

yes.the real omnitrix is in the core of the sun.if you go there turn left,go straight and then take a right.there you will see a green and purple circle, touch it and you have the omnitrix in your control.

What is the preparetion of how to make the real omnitrix?

You may have to design it by some black rubber, and all that. Shape it as a watch (really wide). After that, make a circular hole in the top part. Make the ring and put some glass on it. Then after that get a chip or something that will help spring up the ring with a button and green led lights. Mak (MORE)

How did Egyptians make paper out of paper?

Egyptians did not make paper using paper. They used Papyrus for making a sheet to write. The way paper is made since last 2000 years, papyrus sheet made in Egypt is not paper. Egyptians cut out the core of the papyrus plant then they compressed the sheets together after soaking them. Then they la (MORE)

Can you make paper?

yes you can make paper! I made it at a museam in Chicago when I was in like 4th grade. yes you can make paper! I made it at a museam in Chicago when I was in like 4th grade

How do you make Ben 10 omnitrix?

firstly bring a main part of omitrix then bring cover of omitrix and inner part of omitrix then joint allpart of omitrix then omitrix will work

How can you get the omnitrix?

ussually you might see them online in different websites like or try if you still dont find it try ebay or ( if you still dont find it well your out of luck!)

Who is the maker of the Omnitrix?

Azmeth (Myax also helped). Azmeth is a Galvan, and he can bee seen in Secret of the Omnitrix (Ben 10, season 4), Good Copy, Bad Copy (Ben 10: Alien Force season 2), and in the season two finale.

Why did the omnitrix change?

well, when ben first found the omnitrix, it was in a safeguard mode, (meaning it changed to look different, to protect itself as it was stolen by that alien) but when ben put it back on again, it triggered a reset, putting it back into the normal setting

When and how did they make paper?

they make paperout of trees of course but what they do is when the insides of a tree gets in to the factory they put it on this thing that flatens it out then they put the tree (soon to be paper) on this thing that thins it out and makes it very bendable and then they dip in this liquid and it dys w (MORE)

Where is Omnitrix?

The Omnitrix is a fictional "watch-like device" used in the program Ben 10, an animation TV series with lots of science fiction action. It is in it's fourth season, and was produced by the Cartoon Network Studios in the US. For more details, please see site listed below.

How do you make the ultimate omnitrix transform you into a alien?

If your talking about that toy watch based on the show, then you don't kid, the watch doesn't actually do that, it's just a toy, not the actual thing stuck to the cartoon teen year old kid's rest for all eternity. Sorry. If your talking about the watch in the show that turns Ben into an alien, then (MORE)

Can Pokemon be in the omnitrix?

Although I myself have often wondered what a life would be like if I could transform into my favorite Pokemon, I am always reminded that they are not real and that an Omintrix is completely fictitious. To answer your question, a Pokemon cannot and will never be in an Omnitrix.

How to make paper?

Long fiber trees are made into pulp and chemically treated. The final slurry is poured out between matts that squeeze out most of the water and join the fibers. This is dried and cut. Paper is made from trees. The wood pulp, which is made from wood chips, is shredded, treated and processed with (MORE)

How you do you make paper?

I love making homemade paper. Here is the method. You could buy a paper making kit,but here is how you do it budget wise. . Collect some junk paper like old homework,newspaper,or mail. . Fill your blender about a third full with water. . Tear your paper into pices up to four inches long and put (MORE)

Who make paper?

Trees are the source of paper. After the tree is cut down the wood is processed in a paper mill. Paper mills are found in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Canada, China, Japan and a few other places. The paper mill turns the wood into paper. It it then bleached white, dried, cut and sent to stores world w (MORE)

What inside the omnitrix?

The omntirix is built up of genetic infostrucutures and DNA that azmath the creator of the omitrix, created. it is also made up of DNA that has been collected all around the universe. this DNA has been transferred onto the omnitrix by chips which are inside the omnitrix. thanks for reading the (MORE)

How do you make homemade ben10 omnitrix?

You may have to design it by some black rubber, and all that. Shape it as a watch (really wide). After that, make a circular hole in the top part. Make the ring and put some glass on it. Then after that get a chip or something that will help spring up the ring with a button and green led lights. Mak (MORE)

Why do you make paper?

Paper is made and used for a lot of things including: . books . notepads/notebooks . paper towels . toilet paper

How do you make a paper flute out of paper?

its just rolled up paper cut at different lengths placed next to each other usually placed from long to short or a Melodie from left to right you blow sideways or fix a mouthpiece that makes you blow sideways remembering that the air flows over the flute not in the mouthpiece is a like a thin wide b (MORE)

Can you make a omnitrix on little alchemy?

An omnitrix is a watch shaped device that holds aliens to be unlocked in the Ben 10 games and is not made in Little Alchemy. Little Alchemy is a game where you start with four elements and combine them to come up with more elements.

What show is the Omnitrix from?

The Omnitrix is from the show "Ben 10". It was originally created by a Galvan (Grey Matter's species), named Azmuth. The name "Omnitrix" means all (omni) matrix (trix).

Can you make paper and if you can how?

Making pulp\n. \n1 Several processes are commonly used to convert logs to wood pulp. In the mechanical process, logs are first tumbled in drums to remove the bark. The logs are then sent to grinders, which break the wood down into pulp by pressing it between huge revolving slabs. The pulp is filter (MORE)