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How do you make a thicker cake mixture?

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If you want a simple cake mix, cream 4oz of butter with 4oz of caster sugar then add 2 eggs then slowly add 4oz of self-raising flour. But if you want to make a thicker cake mix, add more flour!
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Which clue suggest that a cake is not a mixture?

Baking a cake is a chemical reaction, meaning that it cannot be described as a mixture. Here's some clues: If it were a mixture, the volume would remain the same before an

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Is a cake a heterogeneous mixture?

A cake or a cake batter is a heterogeneous mixture, it contains fats, sugars, starches, proteins and water and these can (with difficulty) be separated out.

How is air introduced into cake mixtures?

well it is introduced into cake mixtures when you open the package.it is also introduced when you mix the mix together Another response: In the process of mixing, air is inco
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What happens when a cake mixture is heated?

If a cake mixture (batter) is heated, it will begin to bake. The baking powder or soda will produce gas causing the batter to rise. As the cake continues to bake, the eggs wil

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