How do you make a thicker cake mixture?

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If you want a simple cake mix, cream 4oz of butter with 4oz of caster sugar then add 2 eggs then slowly add 4oz of self-raising flour. But if you want to make a thicker cake mix, add more flour!
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Is cake batter a mixture?

Cake batter is a homogeneous mixture. Its a homogeneous mixture because it is made up of more then one pure substance. A trait of a homogeneous mixture is that all of the subs

Want to make meringue mixture thicker?

Easy the more you beat the mixture the more air you'll add to Wichita will make it thicker also try using a whisk instead of a spoon( a fork works to if you don't have a whisk

What happens when a cake mixture is heated?

If a cake mixture (batter) is heated, it will begin to bake. The baking powder or soda will produce gas causing the batter to rise. As the cake continues to bake, the eggs wil

What is a cake mixtures?

A mixture of most ingredients needed to make a cake. In most cases and egg or water or both is needed to be added and then you simply whisk and bake.
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Why is a cake not a mixture?

Because you dont see EVERY single ingredient inside the cake. Yousee it all as one( Besides the frosting of course I guess) . Addingsugar into your tea is a mixture because it
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Is cake a mixture?

Yes. Regardless of the type of cake you're fabricating -- edible,cement, mud or other -- each is a mixture of ingredients balancedto produce the type of cake desired.