How do you make a web show for free?

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use youtube sign up all you need a a camera and internet

How do can i make my own web show?

i think the best site to create a site for u is here is a link: Making a web show so easey. Now that iCarly has come out, web shows have become so much more popular. You see questions like these all over the internet. I bet you even 58% of the askers never even (MORE)

How do you make a web show?

To create your own web show... you need a stage. A nice place...good place=good show...bad place=bad show! A camera and someone to run it(it comes in handy if you have a person just permantly behind the camera, turning it on,off, running video clips, sound effects...ect)..or you could do it yoursel (MORE)

How do you you make your own web show like iCarly?

If you want to have a live show use they allow you tohave a live web show. Or go to and sign up and then just design the website!It's easy and free but they will ask if you want to buy it so justsay no. For a web show you will probably need a studio. If you don't want astud (MORE)

How can you make your own web show?

u can make your own just go to and make your own its free but you need to type in info. people who made videos on webs are and . check out both of them

What is step 2 to making a web show like iCarly?

having a webkam. Well this is a horribly phrased question considering you didn't mention what you thought step one was. My answer is that you should ask this again and rephrase it as, "What should I do to make a webshow like iCarly AFTER I have ___________________?" Thanks!. Choosing the name of t (MORE)

How can you make your own web show like icarly?

Answer ime will be shout at 4:30pm it will happen all week with entain ments like Second Answer Go on, it tells you how to make one in all the simple steps. u can also go to a website called you can do shows and watch different shows. but u have to be 16. (MORE)

How can you watch web shows for free?

Most web shows are available for free on either YouTube or, the two current reigning online video sites. To start, check out some of the more popular series like RayWilliamJohnson, Nigahiga and Smosh. You might try some of the lesser known channels.

How do you get a web show?

you buy a domain name, then make your website. Finally you buy a camera, possibly microphones, and get a green screen if you want to be fancy. Shoot your web show, then edit it using some sort of software (Imovie or final cut I think are the coolest). Finally, post it on the web.

Make your own web show?

I must admit making a web show is a lot of fun but, there are a few things you will need to do! What you need to make a web show: 1. You will need a video camera to film your show. 2. It's always good to have friends with you in a web show with you! 3. Always know what to say when the camer (MORE)

How do you make a free web?

hi, it's easy to make a free website. But you must be at least 13 years old. Ok, go to this website

Can you make a web show with a webcam?

yes u can but i would not recomend them they are not that good but u can the reason there not good is because u can't move a round to much so always use a handy cam . You can, but they work best if you just sit in a chair and don't move around. There are higher end cameras with wide image pickup th (MORE)

What stuff do you need to make a web show?

\nu need a video camera a wire that plugs in to ur laptop or computer and a website to put ur vids on if u want a live show use they allow u to do it live.just make sure u have a site to put ur vids on

What web shows are there?

ICarly (, Fred (youtube), Comedy Catergory (, aar (, friends rock ( - 1st webshow on June 13 th Monday 2011

How much does it cost to make a web-show?

It doesn't cost anything to make a webshow. The only thing you need to pay for is a video camera and props if you need them. If you wanted to make a whole site for your webshow then it will cost some money, try blogTV. I'm pretty sure they do it for free (I think)

How do you make your own web show like iCarly for free?

It is impossible to generate a production anywhere near the qualityof iCarly for free, let alone with a budget of less than $100,000.However, using YouTube as a free platform, you can create showslike iCarly for free assuming you have cameras, studio rigging andlighting, a video editing suite, and a (MORE)

What are ALL the steps of making a web show?

well for me i havent got there just yet on making a web show so maybe ask a professional. im just doing this by prediction but !.introduction 2.intro. to "activity" 3.complete activity 4. ending(when next show is and again title of show

How do you make your own web show like iCarly?

For a web show you probably will need a studio and a theme, and decorations can cost $$$. If you don't want a studio though then just make videos or sketches like The Amanda Show. Check on You Tube for examples of good videos. I personally think sketches are better than web shows because a lot of fa (MORE)

How do you make a website and a web show?

To make a free website there are alot of possiblites but alot of people choose ad to make a webshow you would have to choose is it going to be live or not? if it is going to be live you are going to need a webcam if it is not you'll need a camrea.Hope this info helped!

How can you make a web sit for free? and are great platform to create website and also get free hosting for website. If you have own domain name and just need to make website free than you can use any free web designing templates and other technique. I hope these are enough to make website for free with free d (MORE)

How do you make a website for a web show?

First you need to decide if you want your server to stream the media, or if you want to purchase something like amonthly contract with another company to stream streams live HD media and they provide an on-line live video mixer.. If you want to stream the live media on your (MORE)

How do you make a web for free?

You can use many free web hosting programs. You can use or just search anything in I would recommend to use blogger. You don't need to know HTML just to use it. It's simple and convenient.

How can you make a free web page?

You can make a free webpage simply using Microsoft office word. Just design the page using the "Web Layout", (View\Web Layout In Office 2003) before saving the document as a webpage (In The Save As Menu). You can save it as a 'htm'/'HTML' file which gets its pictures from a directory/folder it cr (MORE)

How can your gran-daughter who is 9 make her own web show?

There are many ways anyone can make a web show. They can just get out a camera and start there and then put it on the computer 'edit' it in , say, Movie Maker/iMovie and Upload it a Video Sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo and then People can watch. A web show can be like a TV show or like a series (MORE)

How to make a web show like icarly?

Use fictional characters The names used for the actors in icarly are not real. Miranda's Cosgrove's name is not really Carly. And the lives of the actors on icarly are not real. Sam (Jennette McCurdy) is not really in therapy with her mom. You can do the same. Make up names and lives for you and (MORE)

Can someone give me making web show advice please?

make sure you have a good,solid idea and some awesome people on board who are ready to do whatever it takes to help. Think the idea totally through before you attempt it,and get a feel for your characters to help you write.

How old to you have to be to make your own web show like Icarly?

There is no age limit at all. You can be any age, any race, and live anywhere. All you need is a camera, a computer, a sense of fun, and maybe a friend or two to help out. anyone can start theres a young girl that made a video and i saw it while i was searching youtube and i think its a real ins (MORE)