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Easy model with household materials


Two rubber gloves (preferably latex medical gloves, but dish gloves would work

Paper/plastic cup


Paper binder/clip (one of the black ones that clamp shut.

Piece of cardboard like what you would use for science-fair project.


large marbles (or rocks/pebbles)


1st, poke several holes in the finger-tips of the ruber gloves (not the thumbs)

Then pin/glue the rubber gloves up near the top of the board, insert some marbles. Make sure the marbles/rocks don't block the passage of water to the gloves fingers!
--the ruber gloves represent the kidneys; the fingers represent the Ureter; the marbles, red blood cells.

Next have the cup glued/pined to the board bellow the rubber gloves, so that the fingers (i.e., the ureters) can drape into the cup.
-The cup represents the bladder

Poke a hole into the bottom of the cup, and super-glue the straw into the bottom of it.
-The straw is the urethra

Once the glue has dried, place the paper binder onto the straw so that it clamps the straw shut.


The experiment:

pour water into the gloves. note that the gloves allow the water to be filtered from the red blood cells (i.e., the marbles/rocks) and into the bladder

once in the bladder, the water is stored until the sphincter on the urethra (i.e., the clamp) is opened, allowing the bladder to be emptied.

You could also probably do this by getting a few volunteers to hold up the different parts instead of tyring to glue it to a board... Just make sure to have the straw glued into place, and that there are no leaks from the cup!

Edit... I guess you wouldn't technically want the marbles inside the gloves, since the gloves are the kidneys. If this sounds like a problem to you, do this...

get two more small cups, and poke holes in the bottom of them. Put the marbles/rocks inside of these cups. Now pull the gloves up around the outside of these cups and secure them with a rubberband (leave some excess space for the water to flow into). Go ahead and glued the gloves to the cup too, to make sure they don't fall off or leak during the demonstration. Leave everything else the same. Now when you do the demonstration, you will pour the water into the cups, which will trickle through the holes in the cup into the gloves bellow. This will more accurately reflect the true function of the kidneys...

Sorry I didn't think of that the first time around! Feel free to email me (from my profile) if you have any questions. I usually check it a few times a week.

Cheers~ Source(s): --
Biology background, with a little creative thinking :)

Hope that helps~!
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