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How do you make ampalaya tea?

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MATERIALS: casserole, cup, strainer, ampalaya leaves

1.) pick some leaves of ampalaya.
2.) wash it.
3.) boil a water in a casserole.
4.) when the water starts to boil; put the washed leaves of ampalaya in it.
5.) after 3-5 minutes, drain the ampalaya leaves ( don't throw the extract )
6.) pour the extract to the cup for you to drink it.
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How do you make ampalaya as coffee?

It is very simple to make coffee from Ampalaya seeds. You just need  to collect several of them and remove the shells. Once the shells  are removed, toast the seeds until th (MORE)

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How do you make ampalaya powder?

dry it under the sun for 24 hours and then powdered it using a  blender.
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How do you make ampalaya jam?

ingredients. 1/8 k bitter gourd 1/4 k sugar wash ice and salt for washing the bitter gourd first wash the bitter gourd, slice the bitter gourd into crosswise, remove the seeds (MORE)

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How do you make ampalaya chips?

First cut the ampalaya into circular cut, and after cutting ampalaya , boil it for 2-3 mins. and after that, mix the flour and the cornstarch and dress the circular cut ampala (MORE)

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What do ampalaya do for your body?

Disinfects   Ampalaya is used as a disinfectant for cuts and scrapes. It works to disinfect and heal wounds and minor burns. The powerful antibiotic characteristics help t (MORE)

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How do you make ampalaya juice?

to prepare ampalaya juice...slice the ampalaya into small pieces then put it in a blender,after blending it put it in a clean cloth and squeeze it until juices will come out.s (MORE)