How do you make excel 2007 the default when opening files?

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Trying to open xlsx file with Excel 2007 sent from a computer that has Excel 2007 any ideas?

Nope. You need to include much more details that a statement that you are unable to open a file. If it is a normal .xlsx file, you should have no problems opening the file. If

How do you open a file in excel?

First, go to the north pole. Ask for jimmy, if he isn't there, ask for fred. Either one will give you a pamphlet. Inside is a floppy disk. Bring it back to your computer. You

How do you change from edit default to ready default in Excel 2007?

Once you stop editing, which includes things like typing in things to cells, it will be in Ready mode. Usually if you are doing nothing at all, and no editing is happening, yo

Can an HTML file be opened in Excel?

Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can.

What is the default file format of excel?

In older versions of Excel, it was .xls In newer versions, the default is .xlsx . I believe that Excel 2003 was the last to use xls, so all newerversions use xlsx

What is the default file for Excel file?

The default file is Book1 when you start. The extension is .xls for versions of Excel up to 2003 and from version 2007 onwards it would be .xlsx as the extension. The default

How you can open my Excel files?

First you need the version of Excel that the files were created in, or a later version. The open Excel. Go to the File menu or the Office button or press Ctrl - O and select t