How do you make your brother's girlfriend to stop sleeping on your bed and eating your food if you already told your brother?

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Well honestly, you just need to tell her to get the heck out of your bed. That's not cool. She should sleep in your brother's bed or on the couch!

feed her moldy food, or something equally as repulsive.
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What can you do if your girlfriend just broke up with you but says she loves you but is not in love with you and is now already dating someone else and you feel terrible and can't sleep or eat?


How do you stop eating junk food?

You can eat only five junk-foods a day. Or something like that. Also, if you're craving sugar, clench your hands into a fist andsqueeze sort of tight, and it should help :) . +++ It may help but I think most people would have to wean themselvesoff excessive sugar etc., while developing a taste for (MORE)

What foods to eat before bed?

peanutbutter is really good to eat before going to bed. also bananas are good to eat to, you can even put the together and make a peanutbutter and banana sandwitch

Can eating before bed make sleeping more difficult?

Yes, it is recommended not to eat within 2 hours before sleeping time, or it may cause problems with you intestines (NOT serious or permanent, dont get scared), and the energy from the food will make it harder to rest.

What happens if you sleep in your brothers bed?

nothing happens your just sleeping in it so unless you mean something else................................................... If he finds out, your dead.\nIf not, live your life and never sleep in your brother's bed again

What foods do people often eat in bed?

1 Answer: Cookies (25 points) #2 Answer: Popcorn (25 points) #3 Answer: Ice Cream (19 points) #4 Answer: Cracker (15 points) #5 Answer: Pizza (5 points) #6 Answer: Apple (2 points)

How do I get my girlfriends 2 dogs to stop barking and scratching at the door when we go to bed and are trying to sleep?

Yikes... that's a tough one. I'm guessing she lets the dogs sleep with her when you're not staying there? Well that would be the 1st step. She has to stop if you both want them to stop. (That also means she'll have to keep the bedroom door closed when she's not there as well). Buy them a couple of (MORE)

What should you do if you like another girl but already told your girlfriend you love her?

First you need to choose one,if you love your girlfriend more then keep her and block out the other girl but if you like the other girl more you have to dump your girlfriend. I know it's tough but i know they wouldn't like to be cheated on. If you like the other girl more just dump your girlfriend,i (MORE)

How do you make your girlfriend stop nagging?

Say "You're too rude and mean and no one will like you if you keep saying stuff like that." But I suggest you let it down on her easily. I'm a girl and girls get pretty whiney. I suggest you don't say anything mean and just let it down on her nice and easy. what ever you do, DON'T BREAK UP (MORE)

What to do if you got caught making out with your brother's girlfriend?

I was dying i need mouth to mouth! If you want to keep your home life peaceful, apologize to your brother. If he and his gf were not really all that serious, then it will be OK. If they were almost engaged, then look out, it is going to take quite awhile for your brother to forgive you. It also de (MORE)

How do you stop your girlfriend from making you do everything?

In almost all relationships; especially when young; there is the peer pressure aspect. The strongest of the fittest. In other words one or other (sometimes both) have strong personalities and opinions. Both of you need to communicate more and realize that both partners deserve to be heard regarding (MORE)

How do you find your ferret when he won't make noise so you know he's stuck somewhere and you've already looked everywhere and put out food and a familiar bed?

If you think your ferret is stuck somewhere - remember that any opening if their head can fit through the rest of the body can follow. Ferrets are burrowing animals and like to seek out dark secluded places. Ferrets nails sometimes split and can catch on fabric, which may entangle them. Ferrets like (MORE)

How do you make your girlfriend stop abusing you?

You cant really do much as you cant control others, you can dump her if it is really bad. Tell her you will report her to the police (if this is physical abuse). You do not need to put up with this. Finish this relationship.

Some friends in school think you like this one girl But you don't I already have a girlfriend Who do I make them stop please help it's very annoying?

why would they think that? maybe you talk to her more than your girlfriend, spend more time with her, make her laugh all the time, etc. to make them believe you dont like her you should talk to your actual girlfriend more and spend time with her, make her happy and just use most of your attention or (MORE)

How can you make brothers stop hitting?

Spank them both until they stop or cut allowances or ban them from Playstaton or computer games for a week (that's a bit harsh so save it till they do something really bad)

How do you make your child sleep in his bed?

A child has a natural biological clock that induces sleep.Children who are very active normally get exhausted and go off to sleep early.As a child grows the biological clock tends to change with the late activity at home with the parents watching TV,computers,parties etc. A routine timing at home (MORE)

How do you make a 10 year old sleep in his own bed?

There are no shortcuts, it takes baby steps to accomplish this. They usually outgrow this phase later on. Children sleep in their parents bedroom because it makes them feel safer than they would in there own bed. Give them a few teddies to sleep with, night-lights, leave the door slightly open, give (MORE)

What foods can you eat that stop diarrhea?

Yogurt. It has pro biotics, and will aid in regaining the normal mucousa membranes of the digestive tract. In addition to yogurt, it is important to stay hydrated, with lots of clear liquids..the best being water. Stay away from sugar juices and soda, as they can sometimes worsen the condition.

Can sleeping on a cold water bed make you sick?

It could make you uncomfortable and maybe cause some muscle and joint soreness, but you will not get an infectious disease like a cold or the flu from that alone, it takes viruses to cause colds and flu.

Can bed bugs eat human food?

Not, really. Usually bed-bugs eat wood, and others things relatedto insects. One good thing to know is that you should always try tokeep your furniture & beds clean because these bugs could ledto a humans death. _________ Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. Bed bugs eat only blood - humanblood is prefer (MORE)

Why in general majority of brothers ignore sisters especially after finding girlfriend or wife while sisters always wants brother's attention and make first move to stay in touch?

Because "sisters" always putting there self out there the wrong way. If i was a brother Id ignore it to. Im classy about everything I do. I never pursue a guy. If they want it they'll come and sometimes they get turned down or ignored if they dont come correct. Im very independent, dont need a man f (MORE)

How do you get people to stop sleeping in your bed when your away?

Symbiosis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. "Symbiology" redirects here. For use of things that represent other things by association, resemblance, or convention, see Symbology .. This article is about the biological phenomenon. For other uses, see Symbiosis (disambiguation) . For the Mar (MORE)

How can you stop a dog from eating its bed?

At the end of the day, all dogs go through phases. They chew this, they chew that; your sofa, your slippers, your books, your wires. Eating its own bed is not abnormal, but like anything else; you don't want it to be chewing it. My advise would be to give it something else that it can chew on that d (MORE)

Why do cats stop sleeping in bed with you?

Cats stop sleeping in bed with you because: . it's too cold for them there . it's too hot for them there . you maybe accidentally hit them in your sleep . they don't feel like they "own" that spot . another place is quieter, cooler, warmer, or just more peaceful

If an obsessed girl tells everyone that your dating her and you already told her that your not interested what should you do to get her to stop?

Tell everyone she is lying and prove it with text messages that you gathered if you have no proof get some before this girl is starting to stalk you or really be crazy. Tell the people at your school or a place that you like someone else and you never went out with this obsessed girl. Tell everyone (MORE)

How do you get an obsessed girl to stop telling everyone that you are dating her after you already told her that you were not interested in her?

The first answer that popped into my head was to tell all the people that she told that you liked her that you don't actually like her....but once I think about it, it takes ALOT of work to do that. What you could do or what you should do is go talk to her face to face. It doesn't hurt to confront y (MORE)

What foods to eat before you go to sleep?

PIzza, pasta, mac and cheese, fries, burger, burrito. in generalyou have to eat fast foods before you sleep atleast all of the thefoods mention and prepare for a heart attack tomorrow