How do you make your crops grow faster in farmville?

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Currently, there is no way to speed the growth of your crops in FarmVille. This may or may not be added as a feature in the future.
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Sorry you can't make v.4s grow faster but playing lots of games kinda helps hope i answered your question for you, some times if you don't pause while you sleep it can age up, but make sure you feed afterwards.

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It grows as fast as it wants but just don't pause it unless you have to because that makes it grow even slower. Also playing lots of games and feeding it store bought food helps too.

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What are the best crops to grow in Farmville?

Peas I dont know if its the BEST crop to grow but white grapes give more money than Peas ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the best bang for your buck, based on a per hour, per single plot, the best thing for you to plan (MORE)

How do you make your crops grow quick on Farmville?

You can't grow crops quicker but you can do this to harvest, seed, and plow quicker without a harvester. Dig up the plot of land where you start and then put hay bales of any color around you so there are no gaps then your person cant move so the harvesting will be done without walking from crop to (MORE)

What makes seeds grow faster?

your flower can grow faster with flower food and by talking to your flower just saying that its pretty or read them a story

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You can give a plant fertilizer, minerals, and water it daily. Make sure that you get pots with holes so that water doesn't get trapped in a pool inside, and watering just every other day will help enough. There are myths that coffee ground can help a plant's growth, but there is not much to support (MORE)

How do you grow your crops faster in FarmVille?

I think the only way to make them grow faster is to get your friends to fertilize them, which can make them grow faster when they are almost ready to harvest, otherwise you have to wait until they are ready to harvest.

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The whole idea of growing bonsai is to grow them as slowly as possible, however to get you started off a little quicker I would suggest planting them in the ground to begin. Tree's will generally sprout and grow more quickly in the ground and, with the correct care (fertilising and soil composition (MORE)

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take care of them and do not let the mean girl take your baby. Real answer (LGE edit) - you can make them age up (baby-to-toddler, toddler-to-child, etc), by buying a birthday cake, and having the sim you want to age blow out the candles. The cake in in buy mode - misc/party.

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lots of sunlight. If it happens to be the middle of winter and there is no sunlight, then your plants will grow best under blue or purple light. . give it water daily. This rule might not work for all plants, but it works on most. Some plants need to be watered only once a week. Most people tend to (MORE)

How do you make your Howrse grow faster?

On howrse, your horse ages 2 months every day after the update. You can speed up this process by using aging points. Aging points can be found during your horses day, purchased with 1 pass via the horse's page, or from the shop with game money.

What are the top 10 best crops to grow in Farmville?

No, watermelons only give you 65 profit. Peas give you a profit of 176! Plus watermelons take too long to grow... _____________________________________ I found out that Genie Lamp Crop grows for 24h, Giving us a Profit of 16g per plot per hour which is by far the highest ive found :) / KonaN

Can you make crops grow quicker on Farmville?

You buy the plane and with your farmville dollars you use it to fly and makes you crops grow faster. Try to hold off as much as you can. The more you wait the less FV dollars you use.

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First, make sure that you have cold water. Then get a water bottle and just put them in the bottle.a make sure you have at least half of the bottle filled with water. Lastly, leave the orbeez in the bottle for 4 hours at least and don't open the cap because that will its growth). Well, i hope yo (MORE)

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