How do you make your hair thinner?

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I have very thick hair, and what I sometimes do (when my hair is shorter) is go to any place where you can get your hair cut and ask to get it thinned. That helps alot. But if you have longer hair, it can help if you get long lairs. :)
i used coconut oil in reducing my thick hair.....
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How can you make your thighs look thinner?

you just have to walk 30 minutes a day. I lost 3 kgs in the thighs in just 3 weeks! do pilates!! twenty minutes a day works wonders for me! alos you can dress to make your thighs look thinner, dark colored jeans, vertical stripes, jeans with whisker wash. Avoid cargo pants with pockets on the legs. (MORE)

Why would people want thinner hair?

Answer . Age old truth. We all want what we don't have. Straight haired people want curly hair. Curly hair people want straight hair. People with really thick hair get tired of having it poofy, or heavy, or hard to manage. All they have to do is go to the hair dresser and tell them they want t (MORE)

How do you make your legs thinner?

Before i suggest. The idea of being 'fat'' came from humans thinking that they 'had to'be a certain size. This comes into diet.. you do not 'have to'diet do not tell yourself you MUST lose weight instead look at yourself and praise what you have you could be 10 times as 'fat'. Start going into a nat (MORE)

How do you make your ribs thinner?

There's no way to make your ribs thinner, as the ribs are bones.However, to make your ribs visible, you will want to do corestrength exercises such as sit up's and bicycle crunches.

How do you make lip thinner by home remiedies?

The thinness or thickness of one's lips is a physical trait. It isa hereditary trait and there is not way to change it, short ofsurgery. Make up techniques can be used to alter the appearance ofthe lips.

How do you make a fat nose thinner?

For women, the best bet to make a wide noser appear thinner is with makeup. First, you need a foundation or powder a shade darker than your natural skin tone. You also need a highlighter or a foundation/powder a shade lighter than your skin tone. I usually use a highlighter like Too Faced's Snow Bun (MORE)

How can you make your lips thinner?

One way to make your lips thinner is to have cosmetic surgery. Youcould also try putting on makeup to try and make them look thinner,such as a lip pencil.

How do you make yourself thinner in Photoshop?

I've found that the easiest way to make yourself thinner in photoshop is to use the the forward warp tool. Select the filter pulldown menu, then liquify, then the forward warp tool which is on the top left hand side of the tool bar. You have to play around with the brush sizes and it takes a bit to (MORE)

Can blood thinners make you cold?

I have been quite active physically for years. At 52 I had a heart attack a little over a year ago. They put me on blood thinners, first one that made me dizzy then coumadin. With both I was so cold all the time that I blasted my wife out of the house with turning up the temperature. Temperatures be (MORE)

How do you make your fingers thinner?

Don't eat a lot of sodium (salt). It should help make your fingers swell down. Just eating a good diet can make your fingers get smaller also: veggies,fruits,whole grains,meat. Everyone has different sized fingers, so don't worry your not alone!!

How do you make thick hair thinner?

You can go to a salon... or where ever you get your hair cut... and you can ask them to get your hair thinned. All it is, is they take a special scisors that only cuts off certain hairs. Its really quick. I get mine done all the time.

How do you make yourself look thinner?

first off, make your hair appear to be bigger and fuller. slightly teasing your hair can most definitely help this. if you are willing to, get a slight haircut that frames your face, with contouring layers. also, don't wear your hair up in ponytails, because if you do, more attention is drawn toward (MORE)

Does lemon acid make your thinner?

yes because of the ascorbic acids thins and dissolves some of the bile in the liver, witch is a key organ in weight control, so it can more efficiently digest fats.

Does smoking make you thinner?

No, but stopping smoking can cause metabolic changes that may cause a person to gain weight, especially if they compensate for the cigarette loss by eating. People who stop smoking should begin an exercise program, and watch their food intake, especially fatty and sweet foods. The craving will go (MORE)

How do you makes your arms thinner?

When you are walking, shake your arms. First of all, you should walk a long distance, and eat a lot of vegeteble. It is also good to drink grean tea! those are shortcut. Good Luck!! : )

Does botox make face thinner?

No botox doesn't make your face thinner at all. *Actually I seen a technique like this done where they put the botox on the face which will make your face appear smaller. They do this by making the muscles around jowls slack so to speak with the botox while the other unaffected muscles will pull. (MORE)

How can you make paint thinner?

Flood makes products that will thin the paint without degrading the paint. Use Flotrol for latex paint and Penetrol for oil-based paints. Follow the directions on the label to determine how much product to add to your paint.

Make face look thinner?

There are facial exercisers that work, namely the "Face Thin". Irecommend this because it is the only product out there that has adoctor backing the device.

Will eating less make your legs thinner?

Obviously yes it would......but its not recommended at all. Think about it, although you would "shed the pounds" on your legs as soon as you began to eat again you would gain even more fat on your legs! Why you ask? As soon as you stop eating your body will go into a "starvation mode" and will try (MORE)

How can you make your penis thinner?

There is no known medical procedure for making your penis thinner. If you want the use of your penis I do not suggest that you do any thinning experiment on it medical or otherwise. Be satisfied.

How do you make a backpack thinner?

1. If you have a backpack that's has like 5 pockets and is of air then listen up (if you don't, just pin it). Putting everything in one pocket helps dramatically. Then, it's really easy to pin back the unnecessary pockets. 2. If your like me and you absolutely need 4 folders, 3 spirals, a bind (MORE)

How do you make egg shells thinner?

well, the best way I have seen is to boil it for 5 minutes maximum. Then due to heat, the egg shells and the crust of the egg gets thiner.

When you have thin hair long hair do long layers make your hair thinner?

Thinning your hair will make the bottoms layers of your hair thinner. If you get longer layers your hair will appear a little more thicker/volumized but will the bottom layers will be a bit thinner. If you get a lot of layers then your hair have more volume and appear thicker. Hope this helped!

How make the polish thinner?

hii i think Try adding a few drops of nail polish remover then keeping the nail varnish in the fridge.Hope that helps.

How make thinner for paint?

If it is latex paint, you can just add water. You have to mix the paint very WELL. If the paint is oil based, I've used a little gasoline to thin it.

What is the basic formula of making thinner?

Paint thinner? There are two basic paint thinners on the market. The old timey one is turpentine. The process of making it is to extract the resin from pine trees then distill the resin to extract the turpentine from it. Turpentine is expensive, so the modern paint thinner is mineral spirits, whi (MORE)

How do you make your cupcake batter thinner?

Cupcake batter can be thinned by adding small amounts of milk untilthe desired consistancy is reached. However, you have the bestchance of success if you do not add more milk or other liquid thanthe recipe calls for.