How do you obtain a gun dealers license in Massachusetts?

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While some states DO have state requirements, you would start with the Federal government- the BATFE, since under Federal law, all gun dealers must hold a license issued by that agency. You will also need a business license, meet zoning requirements, etc, for that to be issued.
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How do you get a car dealer license?

Car Dealer's License Requirements This depends entirely on your state. See the link to the right for an example from California, or search for your state DMV information with the Google form beneath it. Your search terms might be "[your state] car dealer license". For example, here is more informat (MORE)

Can you get dealers license as an individual?

Current law for most states says that you have a physicaladdress as your business address in an area that is zoned andapproved by the state for such use. Now you can choose to have alicense as individual or as a corporation. The only difference ison the amount of liability you are willing to take pe (MORE)

How to get a car dealer license in Mississippi?

The first step in obtaining a car dealer license in Mississippi iscompleting and submitting a dealer application with the state. Thenext step is paying the dealer licensing fee, biography andfinancial statement for each principal of the company, bond letter,and floor plan layout.

How to get a car dealer license in Florida?

This link will tell you. DMV.ORG - The Unofficial Guide to the DMV There is another cheaper alternative that doesnt require a physical lot, or building. Very smart program designed for those who want to go to the auctions, but be able to work f (MORE)

Dealer license vs wholesale license?

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How do you obtain a gun license?

This heavily depends on where you are and what you want to do. Most US states have no licensing for gun ownership. You can buy, own and transport (cased and unloaded) firearms freely. At the same time, most states require a license for carrying a loaded gun on your person. Elsewhere in the wor (MORE)

The easiest state to obtain used Car Dealers retail license and what states allow dealers license with PO BOX no physical address?

Current law for most states says that you have a physical address as your business address in an area that is zoned and approved by the state for such use. Now you can choose to have a license as individual or as a corporation. The only difference is on the amount of liability you are willing to tak (MORE)

Alberta car dealer license?

how do acquire a used vehicle dealer`s licence go to Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council is responsible for governing and overseeing both licensing of motor dealers/wholesalers and Sales personnel for the automotive business

How do you get a California Casino Dealers license?

To obtain a Casino Dealer License in California, you must first apply to a casino for either a Table Games Dealer or Poker Dealer position. Once you pass the audition at the casino, you will be required to fill out a gaming application to apply for a Gaming License that will permit you to work as a (MORE)

How do you get a dealers license in NJ?

Different states have different regulations on how to qualify for a dealers license. So its a good idea to check with your local DMV to check But generally speaking once you have a license from any state then that license is good anywhere in the states.

How do you obtain a gun license in Australia?

It all depends on which state you are in. In South Australia, you need to attend a police station and fill out a firearm licence application. Then after about 6 weeks, you will be sent some information about attending a "TAFE" course. Once you have contacted TAFE and booked yourself in, you attend T (MORE)

Boat dealers license in Texas?

A boat dealers license is required in Texas if you sell more than five boats and/or outboard motors per year. A boat with an outboard motor would count as two sells. The license is $500 a year and is obtained from Parks and Wildlife.

How do you obtain a second hand car dealers license in nsw?

\nVisit the NSW Fair Trading website at\n. \n\n. \nand select 'Motor Dealers' under 'Common Licen (MORE)

What are Indiana dealer license requirements?

For "unofficial" information go here. It's not a gov. web site so it may not always be 100% up to date, but it's certainly a good jumping off point..

How do you get a bc dealer license?

New Hires . When a person who has not completed the salesperson licensing process is hired to work in any retail vehicle sales or management position, it is necessary for the individual to complete and submit an Application Form for Registration as a Licensed Salesperson along with the necessary (MORE)

If you have a Indiana dealers license do have to have Ohio dealer license?

Type your answer here I got my auto dealer license from they have helped me out until my first sale they are very nice and humble. I can set you up with your own licens and 4 dealers plates for $1100. No building or lot required, and bad credit ok. Please feel fr (MORE)

How do you get a car dealer license in UK?

You don't need a license to become a car dealer in the UK. You don't even need to have trade plates. However, you must make sure that you have trade insurance so that you are covered, fully comp, for any cars you have in your possession. You can find out more about being a car dealer at my website (MORE)

How do you get a bond for a car dealers license?

You can acquire a dealer license bond through your local insurance agent or there are many on line sources. You need to understand that a license surety bond is a credit product. The bond guarantees that you are responsible for any claims made against the license. You can find a long list of surety (MORE)

What does a dealer license cost in TX?

There a lot more cost involved that just an application cost. Before you can even apply you have to have a locations approved by the state, proof of dealers insurance, a bond, you need to have a business license, tax numbers and i do recommend you incorporate the business for less liability. You hav (MORE)

What is the easiest way to get a dealers license?

There is lots of different ways that an individual can obtain a dealers license. First thing you have to do is check you state laws and regulations. Each state has different requirements, some a a bit more strict and what they require the applicant. All states will require you to have insurance, sur (MORE)

What can you do with a wholesale dealers license?

There are my different things a wholesale dealer can do. They can buy and sell at any auction in the US, they can buy and sell to any registered dealer. I know a few people that use it to buy cars, since they have a Tax ID number, they don't pay tax when the car is bought so they export cars out (MORE)

Do you have to have a dealer license to sell cars?

In almost every state you can sell at least 2 cars without a dealers license. In some state it can be as many as 5 cars. Check with your state's Secretary Of State for the requirements in your state.