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How do you obtain a referee license in Indiana?

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log on to www.ihsaa.org go to the official info link along the top it will give you all you need to have to become a basketball official in Indiana. You apply for a license they will send you rule books. then you take an open book exam on a scheduled date.
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How do you obtain a forklift license?

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You would have to meet the criteria for reinstatement of yourIndiana license, including any reinstatement fees, before you'd beeligible to have a license again. It may be poss

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You can get an application at any liquor store or restaurant that serves alcohol. It is only one page and you fill out some information about yourself and return it with a $30

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Yes. However, your chances of finding employment as a CDL driver with a felony conviction are slim, and you won't be eligible to receive a Hazmat endorsement.

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Practicing attorneys in another jurisdiction may be admitted provisionally if for 1 year if they practiced law 5 of 7 years immediately preceding the application and intend t