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How do you open a program such as Microsoft Word when there are no icons on the desktop?

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Do a search for "WINWORD.exe".
Should be somewhere in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\

Once you've found it, <right-click> go to [send to] and select the "Desktop (create shortcut)" option. This should create a shortcut on your desktop.
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What are the basic icons on the desktop?

The basic icons on the desktop are documents, recycle bin and  computer. You may include any other icon that you may desire on the  desktop.

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How do you open the Microsoft Word application?

  Pre-requisite: Microsoft Office should have been installed on the Computer.   There are various methods to open MS-Word   Method 1: Click Start --> All Programs -- (MORE)

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Is open office similar program to Microsoft access?

Open Office base - is comparable to MS access - being they are both database programs.
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What is the program Microsoft Word used for?

Microsoft Word, part of the Microsoft Office suite, is used to produce electronic documents, incorporating text, graphics, and tables. Some of the most popular and useful tool (MORE)

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What is a desktop icon?

Answer   A desktop icon is a symbol with text under it that is displayed on the desktop. The desktop is what is displayed when you log in on most operating systems. Commo (MORE)