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How do you open the friendship door in Zelda spirit tracks?

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to open the friendship door in legend of Zelda spirit tracks you must look at all the statues. see how they are all facing the middle one except for two? that middle one is the man who always haves the center of attention so you go to the two statues that are facing each other. the one at the top is the woman because the center of attention man and the other man are staring at her and the other man is just the plain old other man. so you stand in between the two men and play the song of light and the door opens
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How do you ride birds in The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks?

Play the Song of Birds (yellow, purple, yellow) near a flying bird to get him to come closer. Use your whip to latch onto the bird. If you don't have the whip yet, you get it

How do you beat byrne in The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks?

Well Byrne is really powerful. First dodge the energy balls or have Zelda block them. Do that until he launches his gauntlet at you. Get Byrne to miss then have Zelda Yank him

Where do you get the cannon in Zelda Spirit Tracks?

After you get the Forest Rail Map from the Tower of Spirits, you'll have to head past Castle Town to visit the next area. On the way you'll be mauled by some enemies and have

What is Legend of Zelda spirit tracks about?

Spirit Tracks takes place at least one hundred years after the events of Phantom Hourglass, in the now-established land Link and Tetra originally set out to discover at the en

How do you beat Skeldritch on Zelda Spirit Tracks?

Oh dear, my least favourite boss! First off, equip your Sand Wand. Stand next to a catapult and fill in the area between you and Skeldritch. He'll eventually start firing boul

How do you beat Zelda Spirit Tracks?

1.clear the temples 2.clear the tower of the spirits 3.clear the bosses 4.find the bow of light 5.find the golden compass(or something) 6.get into the dark realm portal 7.take